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Hivebusters are specialist Gears deployed against the Swarm. Their modus operandi is to let themselves be captured by the Swarm and taken into one of their Hives. Then, they fight their way out. They are essentially elite exterminators.[1]


"'They're gonna die! It's a suicide mission! It's like tossin' blind babies into a wood chipper!' Well, guess Hana was wrong about more than a few damn things."
Victor Hoffman[2]

The Hivebuster program was the brainchild of Colonel Victor Hoffman after the events at the New Hope Research Facility. Hoffman got his hands on a sample of the deadly gas that the Niles Samson AI had used to cleanse the facility and believed that with the help of Doctor Hana Cole, the gas could be used to destroy entire Swarm Hives. However, First Minister Mina Jinn disagreed with Hoffman's plan, insistent upon the fact that her DeeBees could handle the Swarm and she felt that Hoffman's plan posed too much risks of high human casualties and forced Hoffman into retirement.

Instead of giving up, Hoffman planned the Hivebuster Offensive as a rogue operation with the secret help of old friends such as Major Donneld Mathieson and Hana, who remained unaware of the truth. Mathieson helped Hoffman to select Corporal Jeremiah Keegan, Lieutenant Lahni Kaliso and Outsider Leslie "Mac" Macallister as his Hivebusters with Hoffman promising them rewards in exchange. The first Hivebust ended badly when Mac detonated Team Scorpio's Venom Bomb too early, but in the process it was discovered that the bomb didn't work against heavier Swarm forces such as Snatchers and Wardens. Having witnessed a creature taking down the Swarm on Pahanu with a deadly acidic venom, Scorpio sought it out, learning that it was a legendary bird-like creature called the Wakaatu. In the process, it was revealed to them and Hana that Hoffman's operation was a rogue one, but Scorpio and Hana nevertheless dedicated themselves to it. Scorpio undertook a mission to the Wakaatu Nest where they retrieved a sample of the Wakaatu's venom after a battle with the creature. By combining the venom and the toxic gas from New Hope, Hana created a new, much more effective weapon against the Swarm.[3]

As per a plan developed by Mac, Scorpio allowed themselves to be captured by Snatchers[3] and were taken into the heart of the Hive on Pahanu. Using the new Adrenaline Injectors created by Hana, Scorpio escaped their pods and successfully destroyed the Hive. Hoffman provided Keegan and Lahni with the rewards that he'd promised them, but offered Mac a new mission: a Hivebust in Mac's home village of Bravelle. Although Hoffman offered to find replacements for Lahni and Keegan, they both volunteered for the mission.[2] This second Hivebust also proved to be successful, but revealed that destroying a Swarm Hive did not destroy all of the Swarm connected to it as Hana believed. Nonetheless, Team Scorpio committed themselves to continuing their mission of destroying Swarm Hives from within.[4]

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The Escape mode of Gears 5 features up to three players taking control of Team Scorpio and carrying out Hivebuster missions.[1]



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