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The Hive Beast[1] was a massive Swarm mega-creature that guarded the entrance to the Swarm nest beneath the Tollen Dam. Several stories tall, the Hive Beast resembled a gargantuan version of the Carrier with some Pouncer attributes, such as the ability to launch Cankers from its chest and strike at range with four large tentacles which were capable of shooting out quills. It was also capable of producing a loud roar capable of rapidly repulsing any enemy that managed to get too close to its central body. It also appeared capable of rapid regeneration of lost limbs, as it was capable of replacing lost tentacles within a short amount of time.


The Hive Beast was first encountered after JD Fenix and Kait broke a wall through the dried-up dam with Baird's construction mechs. It sends wave after wave of Cankers at them, which they quickly destroyed with industrial staples. The Hive Beast later bursts from a large hole in the ground, attacking them with quills from its tentacles.[2]

JD managed to trick the Hive Beast into slamming its tentacles in the ground, which he later stapled. The Hive Beast, in an attempt to break the tentacle free, unintentionally broke it in the process. An air strike from the King Raven was then launched at the vulnerable area, wounding the beast. JD repeated this with the remaining tentacles until it had none left.[2]

With no tentacles left, the Hive Beast began shooting a large amount of Cankers at the Gears. Two of these projectiles destroyed the King Raven the rest of the group were on, though they managed to escape in time. JD later used the King Raven's rotor to shield himself from the projectiles the Hive Beast sent at him. When he got up close, he tricked the Hive Beast to slamming its leg, which he cut off. He repeated the process with the other leg, and now incapacitated, JD executed the Hive Beast with the King Raven's rotor, slipping back into the hole it emerged from.[2]

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