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Team Scorpio in the heart of a Hive

Hives, also called Swarm nests are former Locust burial sites that became nexuses of the Swarm. Hives are home to hundreds of Swarm creatures and are where the captured humans are taken to be podded and transformed into new Juvies and Drones. The Swarm creatures from a particular Hive are telepathically connected to each other through that Hive and destroying the Hive would eventually result in the deaths of all connected creatures.

During the Swarm War, the Coalition of Ordered Governments targeted the Hives for eradication by the Hivebuster program. The teams of Gears such as Team Scorpio are sent to be deliberately captured by the Snatchers and brought to the Hive's core where they would break out of their Pods and deploy Venom Bombs, a chemical weapon that indiscriminately killed all living things within the Hives before fleeing from the lethal gas cloud and attacking the Swarm creatures. Once a Venom Bomb detonated, the Hive's death was all, but inevitable.

Originally, the Hives are in the facilities where the Locust are buried following the Lambent Pandemic. As the Swarm War escalated, they began looking for more areas to set the Hives up. The Wardens would personally scout the area to see if the location was suitable and if they approved, the construction of a Hive immediately began.

As the Swarm had the queen, it was theorized that there was a central hivemind that acted a Nexus to control all Swarm hives. Therefore, due to Kait Diaz's telepathic connection to the Swarm hivemind, Jinn intended to hook her up to the artificial hivemind device so the COG could locate the central hive that contained the Swarm Queen so Jinn could send an army there to destroy it, effectively ending the Swarm permanently.

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