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Team Scorpio in the heart of a Hive

Hives, also called Swarm nests are former Locust burial sites that became nexuses of the Swarm.


Hives are home to hundreds of Swarm creatures and are where the captured humans are taken to be podded and transformed into new Juvies and Drones. The Swarm creatures from a particular Hive are telepathically connected to each other through that Hive. Humans podded in a Hive are connected to the Swarm's Hivemind and can glean information from it while they are connected.

Originally, the Hives are in the facilities where the Locust were buried following the Lambent Pandemic. As the Swarm Invasion escalated, they began looking for more areas to set the Hives up. The Wardens would personally scout the area to see if the location was suitable and if they approved, the construction of a Hive immediately began.

As the Swarm had their Queen, it was theorized that there was a central Hive that acted a Nexus to control all Swarm Hives. Therefore, due to Kait Diaz's telepathic connection to the Swarm Hivemind, First Minister Mina Jinn intended to hook her up to the hivemind so that the COG could locate the central Hive that contained the Swarm Queen and destroy it, effectively ending the Swarm permanently. This plan was interrupted first by the intervention of Delta Squad and then the Battle of Old Ephyra.

Colonel Victor Hoffman eventually came up with the Hivebuster Offensive, an operation where specialized teams called Hivebusters would infiltrate and destroy Swarm Hives using Venom Bombs created by Doctor Hana Cole using the deadly gas recovered from the New Hope Research Facility. However, Jinn wanted to use DeeBees to do the job and the argument led to her forcing Hoffman into retirement. Nevertheless, Hoffman still continued with his operation, now a rogue one, with help from Hana and his friends in the COG such as Major Donneld Mathieson.

Operating from Galangi in the South Islands, Hoffman was able to recruit Team Scorpio, made up of Lance Corporal Jeremiah Keegan of the Onyx Guard, Lieutenant Lahni Kaliso of the Brash Brigade and Outsider Leslie "Mac" Macallister whose village had been destroyed by a Swarm Hive that it had been built upon. The first operation on Pahanu proved to be a failure with the team unable to reach the heart of the Hive and a premature detonation by Mac revealing that the Venom Bomb was not effective on the heavier Swarm forces such as the Wardens and the Snatchers. Having witnessed the Wakaatu kill the Swarm with its acidic venom, Scorpio sought out the creature and successfully obtained a sample of its venom. Combining the venom and the deadly gas from New Hope, Hana was able to synthesize a new, more deadly Venom Bomb to use against the Swarm Hives.

By allowing themselves to be captured by Snatchers, Scorpio managed to infiltrate and destroy the Hive on Pahanu, killing thousands of Swarm creatures. Hana theorized that every Hive acted as a quasi-central nervous system to all of the Swarm connected to it and thus the remaining Swarm on the surface would die off. Scorpio was then redeployed to destroy the Hive in Mac's home village of Bravelle. Although the mission was a success, it revealed that destroying a Swarm Hive did not kill all of the Swarm connected to it as Hana had believed.

Known Hives[]