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"With that many troops on the move, that's gotta be the Highway."
— Dominic Santiago to Marcus Fenix, upon seeing a large number of Locust troops

The Highway is the main network that allows the Locust army to move freely around the Hollows. It was used greatly in the height of both Operation: Hollow Storm and the Locust Civil War. Its main hub was the Locust capital "Nexus". It was flooded along with Nexus and the rest of the Inner Hollow when the Lambent Brumak exploded. The Highway is also the main entrance road to Nexus where Locust troops use it to travel from Nexus to any specific location, as heard in Act 4 in Gears of War 2. Its unknown how long it stretches or how many troops can be on it at once, but it is speculated to hold thousands if ever needed to. Judging from several cutscenes throughout the game, it is possible that the Highway leads to the huge sinkhole that the Locust made when they besieged Jacinto and could also be the escape route for when Jacinto sank. Also, according to Chaps, there are paths that branch off the Highway. It is seen in a cutscene holding a few hundred Drones and two to four Brumaks.

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