"Remember this guy? He played for the Cougars! Defensive linemen."
—Dom reflecting on Cole's time on the Cougars

The Cougars logo.

The Hanover[1] Cougars were a world championship winning Thrashball team in Pre-Emergence Day Sera.


The Cougars played, like many other teams, at Prescott Stadium.[2] One of Thrashball's most famous players, Augustus "Cole Train" Cole, played on the Cougars after leaving the Eagles.[3] Dominic Santiago and Marcus Fenix saw the Cole Train play on the Cougars before Emergence Day, and due to a possible bet between the two, Marcus reminded Dom that he owed him twenty bucks when the game was mentioned upon Cole joining Delta Squad in the Lightmass Offensive.[4] Another Gear, Hawking, was a fan of the Cougars and left his son a tape telling him to become a Cougars fan.[2] In 17 A.E., while on the CNV Sovereign, Dom gave back Marcus the twenty bucks that he owed him. In Gears of War 3, among the first collectibles to be had is the aforementioned 20 dollars that Dom owed Marcus.


Hanover Cougars Official Magazine

The front cover for a Hanover Cougars Magazine.

According to the Hanover Cougars Magazine, the starting line up for the Cougars is as follows:

  • 29 Bleszinski
  • 83 Cole
  • 12 Jay
  • 60 Ferguson
  • 14 Sweeney
  • 37 Capps
  • 90 Perna
  • 87 Green
  • 55 Bartlett
  • 66 Johnson
  • 56 Hawkings

These names are references to various Epic Games employees.


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