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"This is my turf! Cougars territory!"
—Cole entering Hanover via King Raven

Hanover was the hometown of Augustus Cole and the Thrashball team the Cougars, as well as a grocery center.[1] Upon the end of the Pendulum Wars, Hanover celebrated almost every night in the streets welcoming hometown veterans.

Hanover is best known for their monuments and sports, such as the Centennial Bridge and the Cougars Stadium that housed the Cougars. Most notably, a statue of Cole stands inside the main entrance of the stadium. This statue was never melted, even when Stranded came in to live in it.


Locust War[]

On a late morning one day, everyone in town was either glued to a television or radio hearing the broadcasts of attacks and evacuations in Jannermont. Many thought it was the early attacks of vengeful Indies. It was later revealed that the attackers came underground and killed everything on the surface. Despite the devastation and loss, Hanover's Thrashball team was forced to play for "morale support." Hanover remained untouched until sometime later though it eventually fell to either the Locust or the Lambent.

Lambent Pandemic[]

By 17 A.E, a group of Locust lived on the remains of Centennial Bridge. There were also at least three groups of Stranded living in Hanover; Stranded in an unknown outpost, Hanover's warehouse district and Cougars Stadium itself. The latter two groups were aware of a fourth group of "Stranded" living on the bridge, and tried to approach them but were driven away by gunfire.

During the Mission to Hanover, Cole and his group searched for supplies for the CNV Sovereign. They managed to acquire food and ammo, but hear that the ship is under attack from a Lambent Leviathan. The group eventually arrived at the bridge and realized that the "Stranded" the other groups told them of were actually Savage Locust that had survived the flooding of Jacinto.

When Adam Fenix deployed his Imulsion Countermeasure Weapon, all of the Lambent and Locust in Hanover were killed by it, freeing the ruined city of their influence.


Following the end of the Locust War and Lambent Pandemic, the reformed COG started gathering rubble from destroyed cities in order to recycle it when building the new Settlements. Four tons were recovered from Hanover for the construction of Settlement 5.[2]

Behind the scenes[]