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"Lights still on? Uh-oh! I'm just playing witcha."
—Hanley, as he turns the lights on and off on Delta

Hanley was a male Stranded who was part of Franklin Tsoko's group in Ephyra. He was an extremely heavy drinker.


Hanley drunk at his post as Delta-One arrives.

Helping Delta-One[]

Fourteen years after the events of Emergence Day, Hanley was stationed by Franklin Tsoko at Checkpoint Two. He drank heavily at his station, and one night Franklin radioed him to let him know that Sgt. Marcus Fenix and Cpl. Dominic Santiago were on their way to him so they could reach Aspho Gas Station. When they arrived, he told them good luck in getting there, since there were no lights to keep the Kryll away in between the Checkpoint and the station. When he said that they were doomed, Marcus pointed his Lancer at him and wondered if that was true, causing Hanley to offer to run the lights in the building for them from the checkpoint. They left JACK with him so that they could keep a comm link open between them. Hanley was fascinated by the flying "trashcan," and told them that they could count on him. When Dom warned him not to screw up, he replied that it wouldn't matter because he would never see them again since they would be dead. He jokingly turned the lights on and off as they made their way through the building.[1]

Hanley watching as multiple Assault Derricks pass by him.

Operation: Hollow Storm[]

When Delta Squad encountered Chaps at Mount Kadar, he said that Franklin's outpost had been overrun.[2] Hanley managed to survive the Locust assault on Franklin's Outpost, he along with Franklin and some other Stranded residents made their way to Jacinto City. While in Jacinto, he listened to Chairman Richard Prescott give his speech over a radio. While listening, Hanley watched as multiple Assault Derricks drove past the Stranded group on their way to Landown to begin Operation: Hollow Storm.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

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