Hang 'em High is the third chapter of the fourth act of Gears of War 3.


Marcus and Delta Squad have arrived at Aaron's second tower, where Imulsion is constantly produced. As you look around, Marcus decides to use the elevators to go up, as the stairs are blocked. Search the whole room until you find a generator room, which will turn on the buttons. As you use the elevator buttons, the elevators slowly come down, but Marcus realizes something is terribly wrong. His fears are true, and a very large swarm of Formers will attack, entering from almost any opening they can get through, including the ducts and elevators. There will be four elevators, each one descending slowly with large amounts of Formers. After the elevators finally come down, the doors bust open with several Formers from each side. Regardless of your door pick, Marcus and Delta Squad will end up at a makeshift elevator.

Push the car off the makeshift elevator, and the elevator will slowly go up. Midway up, the elevator abruptly stops, and a Gunker smashes through the middle. Focus your fire on it and it will die quickly, exploding and creating a hole in the middle, but will not do much. As Delta Squad finally reach the top, the tower garrison is empty; all either died or turned into Formers. Find your way around, and you'll find the cable car with Aaron's Imulsion. Turn the cable car on, but it won't move because of a safety break. 

Move around the tower, going deeper inside. As you do so, Formers will attack you. After reaching the safety break, go back to the cable car.

As you get close to Aaron's tower, Gas Barges will begin to attack from both sides. Hold them off, and fight your way through Myrrah's Locust and get to Dizzy and Aaron, who are the only humans left of the garrison.


  • Fuel Order: Before entering the building to cut the cable, go to the end of the roof, towards the stacked crates with the ammo box on top. Turn right and you'll find it next to a body and a Retro Lancer.
  • Old Magazine: After riding the cable car back to the first tower, when you get to the roof to save Dizzy the path takes you to a living room area. The magazine is beneath one of the couches. Destroy it to pick it up.


  • Upon completing this chapter, you will unlock the "Think You Can Handle That?" achievement.
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