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Guardians are weaponized versions of Watcher security drones. They are large, flying DeeBees that have both defensive and offensive capabilities. Guardians have a regenerative shield that can come back up rather quickly once deactivated. They are armed with a Tri-Shot Chaingun, a heavy weapon that can be picked up by the player if it is destroyed.[1]


Like Sentinels, Guardians have two distinct advantages on the battlefield. Their ability to fly gives them an elevated position from which to fire their highly effective chaingun, often forcing players out of cover. Their shielding offers protection from enemy fire whilst also allowing it to fire their own weapon. However, once a Guardian's chaingun overheats, it requires a cooldown, leaving it unable to attack for a brief moment, and their shields only offer frontal protection, leaving it vulnerable to attack from the rear and sides.

On occasion, in Gears 5, the player would be given an opportunity to summon either a DR-1 or a Sentinel/Guardian such as the Mission to Azura Research Facility and the Evacuation of Settlement 2.[2] [3]

Guardians, like all DeeBee units, are vulnerable to hijacking from a Flock of Swarm Leeches. How these organisms could hack a robotic mainframe is unknown, but these DeeBees would transform into the flying Bastions.[4]


Behind the Scenes[]

  • Of the two, the Guardian is less dangerous than the Sentinel due to the Sentinel's splash damage from its Salvo Rocket Launcher. The Guardian's Tri-Shot also overheats, which gives a window of opportunity to attack.
  • When it comes to summoning in the campaign, the Sentinel/Guardians are superior to the DR-1s due to being a more nimble target, faster, having a frontal shield and being more maneuverable. However, they are summoned only twice in the game.


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