Grindyard is a new multiplayer map in Gears of War 2, released with the Snowblind Map Pack. It is a symmetrical map, with a Scorcher Flamethrower up a ramp in the middle. At the bottom of the ramp, a pair of Bolo Grenades spawn between two low walls of cover. The center structure across from the Scorcher holds a Boomshot at the tip. Below the raised platform structure, there is a ramp to get up onto a side platform, then to the central raised area. On each side of the center structure there is a Boltok Pistol, and a Gorgon Pistol up a small ramp.

Horde[edit | edit source]

A simple tactic to use is to stay in the center structure, because there is only one way in, but it is mostly open except for the small room at the top where there is a Boomshot/Mulcher spawn. This is great for the lower waves, but another tactic for the higher waves is to move to the rooms where the ammo boxes spawn and using shields to block off the exits.

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