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"But we still had the children, and our duty to them...and all of humanity."
—Matron on her and the GBL's "duty"

The Grievous Bodily Love was an organization of women and children from the Jilane breeding Farms. The organization was made up of both patients and former staff members from the farms. It was led by Matron, a former staff member of the Jilane Creche. They fought the Locust for four months after the Jilane Massacre, until a mentally insane woman, Molly, activated a beacon that alerted both the COG and Locust Horde to the presence of the GBL.[1]



The GBL was founded by Matron after the city of Jilane was abandoned by the Coalition of Ordered Governments during the Jilane Massacre, due to the overwhelming force of the Locust attack. Matron and other staff members of the Jilane Birthing Creche, along with several patients and children living there, joined forces to try and survive in the ruins of the birthing creche. They had a fortified secure bunker to hide in, and several greenhouses where they grew vegetables. They carried out ambush attacks on any Locust that got near their haven, and successfully remained hidden for four months after the fall of the city.[1]

Liberation of Jilane[]

The GBL's isolation came to an end when an insane survivor, Molly, activated a Beacon, which alerted the COG to the possible survival of people in Jilane. Coalition High Command sent Delta-One to the city to investigate, and they discovered the GBL. Several members of the GBL were hostile towards the Gears, and after a brief altercation started by Annalisa and Cpl. Damon Baird, they settled into an uneasy truce. Sgt. Marcus Fenix learned from Matron about what had happened to the GBL, and their mission to save the children that had survived. After discovering Molly and her beacon, she set it off again, which alerted the Locust this time to the presence of the GBL. The combined forces of the GBL and Delta fell back to the secure bunker, but Camille and a child were killed and Marcus was wounded and trapped outside the bunker. Baird took command, and evacuated the children through underground tunnels, while taking most of the Gears and fighters among the GBL to kill the Locust and their commander. After they all regrouped, tension erupted between the two groups when Baird demanded that they return to Jacinto City and become prisoners in another birthing creche. However, more Locust forces arrived, and the GBL and Delta were forced to work together to evacuate the city. They used several vans to leave the city, but Matron sacrificed her life to detonate a bomb to cover their escape, and kill the Locust forces chasing them. The survivors of the GBL were returned to a new birthing creche, and the GBL was disbanded.[1]

Known members[]