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Government House in 42 A.E.

"The building dwarfed everything else, domed roofs of blue and gold catching the late-day sunlight, surrounded by white balconies and garden terraces. All roads seemed to lead there, which was some kind of metaphor for wealth and power."
—Outsider Kait Diaz[1]

Government House was the capital building of the restored Coalition of Ordered Governments. It was located atop a central hill in New Ephyra, and held the offices of the First Minister and other COG ministries.


New Ephyra, with Government House at the center

In the years after the Locust War, the reestablished Coalition of Ordered Governments decided to build a new capital city, New Ephyra, alongside the vast, decaying ruins of Old Ephyra, since rebuilding the old city would take decades. Government House was built to serve as the seat of the new COG government, as the House of Sovereigns was too damaged to use. Ministries located at Government House included the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Entertainment, the Ministry of Procreation, and the Ministry of Settlements.

First Minister Jinn giving her speech in front of Government House

In 42 A.E., to mark the 25th anniversary of the Locust War, First Minister Mina Jinn led a memorial service in front of Government House to praise those who gave their lives in the Pendulum Wars, Locust War, and Lambent Pandemic.[2]

Later that year, Jinn forced Damon S. Baird to relocate his lab to the basement of Government House, where he acted as Mission Control for Delta-One and worked to reactivate the Hammer of Dawn.[3]


Government House was stylistically reminiscent of the House of Sovereigns in its prime, but vastly larger in scale. The exterior of the building was adorned with statues of famous COG figures and heroes of the Locust War, such as the late First Minister Anya Stroud and Colonel Victor Hoffman.[2] The main foyer had a high, vaulted ceiling with towering statues of the Allfathers flanking either side. There were at least two wings: the East Wing and the West Wing. The latter was closed to the public and contained an armory, personnel lockers, gymnasium, and showers.[3] The Government House also included a large chamber where the government members who represented the legislative desires of citizens of the COG met. The First Minister could address the Sovereigns from a podium at the front of the room. The chamber appeared to largely resemble the real world House of Representatives in the U.S. Capitol Building.




Main Atrium[]

DB-i Labs[]


Ministry of Housing Office[]

Enlistment Office[]

Ministry of Family Affairs Office[]


Office of the First Minister[]

Behind the scenes[]

  • Originally in Act I Chapter II of Gears 5, the player was able to explore the entire rotunda of the Government House. For reasons unknown, the rotunda was cut from the game and the only available places were the DBi Labs, the Armory, and the Office of the First Minister. Assets from this removed content were then used for the multiplayer map, Regency.