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"We're going to need explosives."
"Explosives? Why? That's the boat!?"
"I never said it was in the water...
Garron Paduk and Damon Baird, discussing the destroyer

Gorasni Destroyers were medium-sized naval warships, used primarily by the Gorasni Navy to attack and harass much large COG vessels. They had a Starboard Naval Gun and a smaller port-side Naval Gun which allowed them to engage in naval combat.


Pendulum Wars[]

These light destroyers were lightly armored vessels used by the Republic of Gorasnaya during the Pendulum Wars.

Locust War[]

Post-Operation: Hollow Storm[]

The Sinking of Jacinto City caused a massive tidal wave to hit Halvo Bay, beaching a destroyer on top of the Regency Hotel.[1]

Lambent Pandemic[]

Return to Halvo Bay[]

"How does a boat end up on top of a building anyway?"
"The wave washed it up there."
"Ask a stupid question...
—Augustus Cole and Paduk

After returning to Halvo Bay and reuniting with Garron Paduk, the ex-UIR soldier guided Damon Baird, Augustus Cole and Clayton Carmine to the ship for them to use to travel to Azura.[1] The ship, alongside COG Boats and King Ravens, arrived at Azura and assisted in the battle.[2]



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