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The Gorasni Submarine was a class of Attack Submarine manufactured and spearheaded by the Republic of Gorasnaya and in turn, the Union of Independent Republics.

These submarines acted as vanguards for the UIR Navy and more specifically, the UIR's principle surface ships.

As attack/hunter-killer submarines, they also specializes in sinking enemy supply and combat ships as well as hunting enemy submarines. The only known submarine of this kind was Zephyr, commanded by Miran Trescu.


Gorasni Attack Submarines were known to protect the UIR surface combatant ships. During the Battle of Bonbourg, the Gorasni Submarine, Zephyr under the command of Miran Trescu, was forced to retreat after the UIR Third Fleet suffered heavy casualties from the Hammer of Dawn, sparking the beginning of the end of the Pendulum Wars.[1]

The Zephy manage to survive right up to the end of the Locust War and the Lambent Pandemic, helping and supporting the remnants of the Coalition of Ordered Governments to defeat the Locust and Lambent threat once and for all.[2]

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