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Character Model Gallery Idea [edit source]

Since were getting new character models for UE I've been think we should maybe create a character model gallery of shorts so people can see character progression between game or at least during the most pinnacle moments of the series. Here are two ideas, i prefer Ex2 but I'm just not sure where would be the best location to put it on a character page.

Example 1: We could do something like this, have them be in different tabs in the profile. However i don't think it looks that good ascetically.

Example 2: or we could do something like this where it shows Marcus from the different games/pinnacle moments of the series.

Example 3??? Basically a slideshow gallery. Similar to Example 1, but it does seem to be more aesthetically pleasing. Not sure on where to place it on a page, or the size scale. (This is what Halo Nation does to show weapon differences between games, although their weapon images are landscape so they look and fit better)

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