Welcome to the Article of the Month (AoTM) nomination page, where any good article that meets these requirements can be featured.

  • Written well, with good spelling and grammar.
  • Several good quality pictures, that add to the quality of the article.
  • The article should have links to lots of different articles, preferably that aren't from the games.
  • If an article has previously been article of the month, one year must pass by before it can be nominated again, and it needs to have had significant changes.

As long as those requirements are met then nominate the article below.

  • ONLY REGISTERED USERS CAN NOMINATE AN ARTICLE. But users that do not meet that standard can voice their opinions.
  • All users can only nominate one article at a time, and can change their nomination if it has received no support.
  • The Featured Article will be declared the last day of each month.

Please set your nomination out as follows:

===[[Article Name]]==
'''Support''' or '''Oppose''': Your reasons.

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Nominations for December 2017[edit source]

Articles that have already been identified as AoTM worthy[edit source]

Article Last time AoTM
Propaganda on Sera March 2009
Victor Hoffman April 2009
Brumak May 2009
Hammer of Dawn June 2009
Lightmass Offensive July 2009
Gears August 2009
Maria Santiago October 2009
Niles Samson November 2009
Queen Myrrah December 2009
RAAM January 2010
Assault on Landown February 2010
Coalition of Ordered Governments March 2010
Coalition of Ordered Governments April 2010
Locust Horde May 2010
Locust Written Language June 2010
Padrick Salton July 2010
Michael Barrick August 2010
Bernadette Mataki September 2010
Anya Stroud October 2010
Pendulum Wars November 2010
Jace Stratton December-January 2011
Operation: Midnight February 2011
Miran Trescu March 2011
Bai Tak April 2011
Quentin Michaelson May 2011
Benjamin Carmine June 2011
Georg Timiou July 2011
Tai Kaliso August 2011
Alex Brand September 2011
Clayton Carmine October 2011
Donneld Mathieson November 2011
Alicia Valera January 2012
Helena Stroud February 2012
Yanik Laas March 2012
Gill Gettner April 2012
Matron May 2012
Drew Rossi June 2012
Mel Sorotki July 2012
Paul Dury August 2012
Minh Young Kim September 2012
Sofia Hendrik April 2013
Aaron Griffin March 2015
Karn April 2015
Ezra Pound Loomis May 2015
Stanley Michael Polanski June 2015
COG Combat Helmet July 2015
Chaps August 2015
Bloodmount September 2015
Gyules October 2015
Alexiy Desipich November 2015
CNV Pomeroy December 2015
Boltok Pistol January 2016
Unidentified Theron Elite February 2016
Rory Andresen March 2016
Unidentified Indie (Aspho Fields) April 2016
Destruction of Halvo Bay May 2016
Learan Prison June 2016
Torque Bow July 2016
Palace Guard August 2016
Quinn September 2016
Gridlock October 2016
Kait Diaz November 2016
The Speaker December 2016
Dropshot January 2017
Gary Carmine February 2017
EMBAR March 2017
Kantus April 2017
Destruction of Halvo Bay May 2016
Helena Stroud June 2017
William Berenz July 2017
Palace Guard August 2017
Quinn September 2017
Schachter October 2017
Da Silva November 2017
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