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Gears of War: Hollow Part Two is issue #2 of the Gears of War: Comic Series and is the second of six issues that make up the Hollow story arc. It was released in January 2009.

Official Wildstorm SummaryEdit

Jace Stratton and Delta Squad find themselves neck-deep in Locust after an ambush! Facing overwhelming numbers and the threat of Boomers, will the team be able to fight its way back to Jacinto in one piece? And what does the reemergence of Locust in force mean for the success of the Lightmass Bombing some months back?[3]


The firefight between Delta-One and the Locust continues with Jace trying to keep Gil alive. Barrick and Delta finish of the Locust but Gil sucumbs to his wounds and dies in Jace's arms. Delta returns to Jacinto and receive a weeks leave. Dom spends time talking to Anya about his wife whilst Jace returns to the orphanage he spent his child hood at. During his leave Marcus gets into a fight at a bar as he defends Anyas honor. They return to base to find they are to undertake reconnaissance of Montevado due to seismic activities. They are joined by Barrick who becomes a member of Delta. Whilst en route via Raven the Raven is attacked over the Dorado Hills, Nemacyst kill the Pilot and Jace has to take the controls to prevent an early end to Deltas mission.


Behind the scenesEdit

Crimson Omen
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  • The cover is by Brandon Badeaux[5]
  • Originally Liam Sharp had drawn Marcus in his civilian cloths without his do-rag during the bar scene to show that he's was incognito. However this was changed, so in the final version of the comic he is still wearing his do-rag.[6]

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  4. E-mail from Joshua Ortega: That is in fact Draper in #2, Liam Sharp did such a good design on him I figured he had to come back later at some point...
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