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Gears Tactics
Gears tactics 1280x720-e4498f64514246868f4aee71716ab5d5
Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Release date: 2019
Genre: Turn-based strategy
Game modes:
Rating: ESRB: Rating Pending (RP)
Platform: Windows 10
Media: Digital

Gears Tactics is an upcoming Gears of War turn-based strategy game. The game is going to launch on PC first, before making its way to the consoles.

The game takes place twelve years before the original Gears of War, centered around a new squad. The squad can be customized.[1]

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • In June, 2019, it was reiterated that the game was still in development, but that Gears 5 was getting the majority of development focus until September.[2]
  • In the 399th episode of IGN's "Unlocked" podcast, Rod Fergusson, the studio head of The Coalition, made it clear that the game is going to launch on the Xbox consoles at some point[3].


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