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Gears Pop! is a Gears of War game.[2] It has Gears of War characters represented via Funko Pops.[3]

The game's servers will shut down on April 26, 2021.[4]

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Characters[edit | edit source]

A collection of 38 Gears of War characters at launch, with 10 added post launch, can gathered through the in game gear packs. Each character belonging to one of six roles. The Scout, Removal, Threat, Bruiser, Tank, and Utility. Pins are also sepreated by type, with they types being Troop, Projectile, and Fortifaction. There are also two ultimate abilites that can be choosen. These abilities slolwy charge throughout a macth before they can be placed down.

Launch Characters:


  • Shepards (Troop)
  • Damon baird (Troop)
  • Deadeye (Troop)
  • JD Fenix (Troop)
  • Longshot Gear (Troop)
  • Stun Tracker (Troop)
  • Wretches (Troop)


  • Frag Grenade (Projectile) 
  • Ink Grenade (Projectile)
  • Hammer of Dawn (Projectile)
  • Nemacysts (Projectile)


  • Clayton Carmine (Troop)
  • Kait Diaz (Troop)
  • Reyna Diaz (Troop)


  • Locust Drone (Troop)
  • Savage Grenadier (Troop)
  • Marcus Fenix (Troop)
  • Boomer (Troop)
  • Drone Division (Troop) 
  • Gnasher Gang (Troop) 
  • Grinder (Troop)
  • Lancer Crew (Troop)
  • Myraah (Troop) 
  • Old Man Marcus (Troop)
  • Sentiel (Troop)
  • Skorge (Troop)


  • Butcher (Troop)
  • Augustus Cole (Troop)
  • DR-1 (Troop)


  • Shock Grenade (Projectile)
  • Stun Grenade (Projectile)
  • Decoy (Fortifaction) 
  • Sentry (Fortifaction) 
  • Kantus (Troop)
  • Shock Barrier (Fortifaction)
  • Dominic Santiago (Troop) 


  • E-hole (Ultimate)
  • Seeder (Ultimate) 

​​​​Gears 5 Characters: 


  • Winter kait (Troop) 


  • Jack (Troop) 

Character Update 1:


  • Anya Stroud (Troop)
  • Ticker (Troop)


  • Del Walker (Troop) 


  • Drop Pod (Projectile)

Character Update 2:

  • Sam Bryne (Troop)
  • Bernadette Mataki (Troop)
  • Onxy Guards (Troop)


  • General RAAM (Troop)

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