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Galangi was one of the South Islands and part of the New Fortitude Territory. It was the birthplace of Bernadette Mataki,[1] and had a population of fifteen hundred.[2]


Locust WarEdit

Unlike most of the South Islands during the war, Galangi was safe from Locust attack as it, like Vectes, was on the other side of an abyssal trench that the Locust couldn't dig under. It also didn't get a Hammer strike during the Hammer of Dawn counterattack and so was spared all destruction. In case they did come, however, Bernadette Mataki formed a militia to protect the island, but eventually left for Noroa after learning of other Gears there. She and the Gears protected Noroa for eight years, but eventually made the choice to abandon that island and take the survivors to Galangi, the only known place in the South Islands that was safe. While the others went to Galangi, Mataki headed to Ephyra to reunite with the COG. However, it is unknown if the Lambent ever reached the island during the Lambent Pandemic, like they did to so many other places, and so its fate is unknown.

Known CitiesEdit

Known FarmsEdit



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