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"They came for us. They invaded every part of our world. So... we did the only thing we could. We set the world on fire. Now, my war begins against the monster that created these monsters."
—Sergeant Gabriel Diaz[1]

Chief Gabriel "Gabe" Diaz (COG tags CSID 184729-H55R9-LM) was the Chief of the Outsiders Village, Fort Umson, and previously served the Coalition of Ordered Governments Army during the Pendulum Wars and first year of the Locust War. Growing up in an orphanage with his younger brother, Oscar, the two befriended fellow orphan, Wyatt Callahan, and brought him in as a honorary Diaz brother. Gabe, Oscar, and Wyatt then joined the COG army. A gifted tactician, Gabe served as Lieutenant Colonel in the COG Army and was instrumental for the COG's victory in Battle of Gatka Ridge towards the end of the Pendulum Wars, but at the cost of Wyatt Callahan's life. Disillusioned with the military, Gabriel requested for a demotion and was made Sergeant of the Engineering Corps as a Sapper for the remainder of the Pendulum Wars.

Sgt. Diaz remained in the Engineering Corps during the first year of the Locust War. After the Hammer of Dawn Strikes, Sgt. Diaz was ordered by Chairman Richard Prescott to lead a squad to assassinate the Locust Horde scientist, Ukkon. Sgt. Diaz was aided by Major Sid Redburn and a conscripted group of Stranded, survivors of the Hammer strikes who resent the COG for sacrificing their own citizens, led by Doctor Mikayla Dorn. Among the Stranded was Reyna Torres, unknowingly the daughter of Myrrah, Queen of the Locust Horde. Sgt. Diaz and Major Redburn abandoned the COG following an attempt on their lives by Chairman Prescott after the truth came out about the COG's involvement in the creation of the Locust Horde. Gabriel Diaz continued to lead the rogue operation and was successful in assassinating Ukkon.

Gabriel and Reyna later married and survived the Locust War together. As the Coalition reformed and began to rebuild Sera, the Stranded still resented the COG for their authoritarian rule. Gabriel and Reyna then led the Outsiders - a group of people living off the land outside COG jurisdiction. The two founded the village of Fort Umson and led their people against the COG. In 20 A.E., Gabriel and Reyna gave birth to their daughter, Kait Diaz. Gabriel continued to be the Village Chief of Fort Umson and led the Outsiders to build additional villages, becoming more independent from COG jurisdiction. As more people abandoned the COG and joined the Outsiders, this caused a major conflict between the two societies, known as the Outsider Movement. Gabriel Diaz later was diagnosed with Rustlung and died in 30 A.E. His wife then led Fort Umson while his brother, Oscar, abandoned the COG to join Reyna and Kait.


Early Life[]

Gabriel Diaz was born and raised in Montevado. Two years later, his parents had another child, his younger brother Oscar. In 14 B.E., when Gabriel was thirteen and Oscar was eleven, their parents died and the two brothers were brought to the Mercy School Orphanage. There, they rescued a young boy named Wyatt Callahan from getting beaten by the other boys in the bathroom. After rescuing him, Wyatt became their best friend and later an honorary member of the Diaz Brothers.

Pendulum Wars[]

Gabe eventually joined the Coalition of Ordered Governments Army to fight in the Pendulum Wars. He became a highly admired and decorated Lieutenant Colonel.

Stationed at Vectes Naval Base[]

In the 79th year of the Pendulum Wars, Lt. Col. Gabriel Diaz was assigned to the Vectes Naval Base of Pelruan, Vectes as a reward for fighting and winning a previous, large battle. Despite its close proximity to UIR territory, it saw little action during the Pendulum Wars.

During his time stationed there, a COG special forces team known as Ghost Squad, containing his younger adopted brother Wyatt Callahan, arrived with a mysterious mission to the nearby island of Knifespire.

Battle of Gatka Ridge[]

Shortly after the arrival of Ghost Squad, they sent for a distress signal from Knifespire. The rescue mission later became a battle on Gatka Bridge. The battle was victorious and not only defined his Pendulum Wars legacy, but the fate of the Coalition's victory over the entire war.


"I'm tired, sir. Tired of beauracracy. The chain of command. But mostly, I'm tired of carrying this weight, you know? I make these decisions because they're the right thing to do, the move that brings us toward victory. But the cost, it's too much."
—Gabriel Diaz to Victor Hoffman

However, the battle cost Gabe his brother Wyatt and he became disillusioned with the bureaucracy of the COG. Gabe refused an order from Deputy Chairman Richard Prescott to retake the Imulsion source despite it being buried under a mountain and considered resigning altogether. After some advice from Colonel Victor Hoffman, Gabe instead demoted himself to Sergeant and relocated to the Engineering Corps in the Motor Pool in order to avoid serious conflict, making tough decisions, and taking orders from arrogant politicians.[2]

End of the Pendulum Wars[]

After Gabriel demoted himself to Sergeant of the Engineering Corps, he was transferred to the Motor Pool of the Aldair Army Base in Aldair, Tyrus under the command of Samuel Bowden. Weeks later, he was able to see the end of the Pendulum Wars.

Locust War[]

Emergence Day[]

Six weeks after the end of the Pendulum Wars, a race of subterrean creatures called the Locust Horde emerged from the Hollow and attacked every major city on Sera in what would be known as Emergence Day, the start of the Locust War. Within the first twenty-six hours of the attack, roughly a quarter of the Seran population was killed. Sgt. Diaz and his brother Oscar survived the attacks and continued to serve in the COG army against the Locust. Sgt. Diaz, however, remained in the motor pool and refused large-scale operations. In his engineering career, he authored the "King Raven Intermediate Maintenance Manual" for the Coalition of Ordered Governments Engineering Corps.

Hammer of Dawn Strikes[]

Within the first year of the Locust War, the Locust Horde had been occupying human cities and gaining spoils of war by taking the humans' weapons, technology, and resources. During this time, Chairman Tomas Dalyell died in office of cardiac arrest, and the Council of Sovereigns elected Deputy Chairman, Richard Prescott, to become the new Chairman of the COG. Chairman Prescott received word of the Locust gaining spoils of war and were advancing upon Ephyra.

Chairman Prescott attempted to initiate an offensive but was met with no assistance. With no other option, Chairman Prescott ordered that the Hammer of Dawn scorch all Locust infested cities outside of the Jacinto Plateau, incinerating 90% of Sera's surface in the Hammer of Dawn Strikes. Chairman Prescott also reinstated the Fortification Act and ordered COG detachments to take shelter in key cities to be struck by the Hammer in order to eradicate the surviving Locust.

Sgt. Diaz and his squad was one of the detachments sent to clear the Locust survivors following the Hammer Strike, and were sent to a bunker in one of the target cities, Aldair, at the Aldair Army Base. Following a final announcement from Chairman Prescott, two hours prior to the strikes, Maj. Sid Redburn arrived to the bunker and gave Sgt. Diaz orders from Chairman Prescott to retrieve classified files from CIC Aldair before they were to be destroyed by the Hammer of Dawn.

Assassination of Ukkon[]

Mission to CIC Aldair[]
"You're looking at the only known photos of a Locust called Ukkon. The enemy's resident geneticist -- a monster who makes monsters. Corpsers, Brumaks? His work. We need him eliminated."
"I don't run ops anymore. Not after Gatka Ridge."
"Sulking won't undo the past, Diaz. You want to save lives today? Stop squandering your tactical gifts and take Ukkon down -- before he creates something even worse. I can't offer you much. No personnel, no resupply--"
"Hold up. If this grub's as dangerous as you say, I need equipment, soldiers -- an army."
"Well, you always were resourceful. Recruit whatever Gears you find, and figure out the rest.
—Chairman Richard Prescott and Sgt. Gabriel Diaz discuss the Assassination of Ukkon[3]

Shortly before the Hammer strikes, Sgt. Diaz and Major Redburn arrived to CIC Aldair at Embry Point and found it overrun with Locust Drones and Wretches. After eliminating the Locust threat in the courtyard, a squadron of Reavers began to fly over CIC Aldair - prompting Sgt. Diaz and Major Redburn to retreat inside CIC. Sgt. Diaz was advised to find General Becket's office for the classified files. Sgt. Diaz and Major Redburn were able to find General Beckett's office. On his desk, Sgt. Diaz found the classified files and revealed it to be an intel file on a Locust called Ukkon. Upon retrieving the intel, the Hammer of Dawn strikes commenced in Aldair. Upon exiting the CIC, the Reaver squadron air-dropped Locust troops and Wretches. While fighting the Locust, the Hammer began to strike in Embry Point. Sgt. Diaz discovered a bank vault and took shelter with Maj. Redburn as the Hammer of Dawn fired.

Emerging from the bank vault sometime later, Aldair had been completely incinerated - but Locust forces continued through several Emergence Holes. After fighting the Locust forces, Sgt. Diaz and Major Redburn retreated to the APC they drove in on and returned to the Aldair Army Base. Upon arriving to the base, Sgt. Diaz found it destroyed not by the Hammer, but by the Locust, as his squad was killed as well. Major Redburn then revealed it was Ukkon. Sgt. Diaz then contacted Chairman Prescott about the files, as Prescott revealed that he was putting Sgt. Diaz on a particular mission due to his tactics with little support like during the Battle of Gatka Ridge, as Chairman Prescott would be unable to supply Sgt. Diaz with Gears, equipment, or weapons. Sgt. Diaz read the intel file about Ukkon, the geneticist of the Locust Horde responsible for creating the creatures that aided the Locust. Chairman Prescott ordered Sgt. Diaz to eliminate Ukkon.

Rescue of Echo-Five[]

Life as Stranded[]

With the COG wanting him dead for knowing the secret of the Locust origins, Gabriel, Reyna and those loyal to them fled and became Stranded for the remainder of the Locust War while Oscar continued to fight in the army against the Locust. As Ukkon's creations were still out there, Gabe decided to dedicate himself and the force he had gathered to hunting them down separate from COG authority.[4]

According to Colonel Victor Hoffman, there were sightings of Gabe for years afterwards, mainly by people who ran into him or encountered Gabe on raids.[5]

In 14 A.E., Gabe managed to save important COG documents from the libraries in Montevado and Ilima before they were sunk by the Riftworm. Gabe and Reyna managed to survive the war and the Lambent Pandemic, but at some point - Gabe was infected with Rustlung.

Outsider Movement[]

Finding Fort Umson[]

After the end of the Locust War, the COG began to reform and rebuild humanity. However, the Stranded continued to have contempt for the COG due to the Hammer of Dawn Strikes. and preferred to live independently from COG jurisdiction. Following the death of First Minister Anya Stroud, the COG transitioned its goals from civic rebuilding to authoritarian control, declaring that living outside COG jurisdiction was illegal. Eventually, the Stranded, and people who chose to live outside of COG jurisdiction, became known as the Outsiders.

As the COG committed human rights violations whilst carrying out their new agenda, loyal COG citizens began to abandon the COG and join the Outsider Movement. Having already been Stranded by the end of the Locust War and the Lambent Pandemic, Gabe and Oscar became Outsiders by default. Gabe and Reyna, now known as Outsiders, later founded and built their own village: Fort Umson. At Fort Umson, Gabe housed all the documents he saved during the Locust War, including those he wrote himself.

Building a Family[]

At some point, Gabe and Reyna married and conceived a daughter, Kait. They raised Kait in Fort Umson, away from the COG and its propaganda. In 24 A.E., when Kait was four years old, was lost in the woods. Gabriel and Reyna searched for three days until they found smoke in the woods, and traced it to a hermit named Salvador Pasco making tea for Kait. Upon finding her, Reyna threatened to kill him - but Gabriel and Kait intervened. It was revealed that Salvador had rescued Kait and took care of her for three days. Gabriel and Reyna then befriended Salvador and offered him a place at Fort Umson, though he had rejected their offer.

The next year, Salvador went to Fort Umson and grew closer to the Diaz family. He left two years later to start his own village after being taught by Gabriel and Reyna various aspects of community and defense. Later in 27 A.E., Gaberiel and Reyna took her on a camping trip that also served as a test of her survival skills. Surrounded by dangerous beasts in the wild, Reyna and Gabriel taught Kait how to defend herself by either locating and killing the leader, using fire or guns to scare them, or using hand-to-hand combat to kill. While starving for three days, Kait didn't complain. On the way back to Fort Umson, Gabriel found an old, broken down truck that was eventually fixed by Gabriel, as he revealed to Kait that he was in the motor pool of the COG army.


Gabriel's Rustlung progressed and was bedridden by 30 A.E. The village doctor assured him and his family that he would eventually perish from the disease. With months left, Gabriel requested his brother, Oscar, visit him at his deathbed. Oscar had originally been disowned due to his loyalty to the COG as well as his irresponsibility and alcoholism. Reyna sat by his side almost every day, while Kait was disturbed by how weakened and sickly her father had become. Gabriel died from Rustlung in the company of his wife and daughter. Mere moments later, Oscar arrived and missed the death of his brother.


Gabriel's death greatly impacted Oscar, Reyna, and Kait. Due to his death, Reyna succeeded him as the Chief of Fort Umson - which forced her to face difficult decisions in order to become their leader. Oscar, while still an alcoholic, proved himself responsible to Reyna to not only stay, but to become second-in-command and a father figure to Kait. Oscar remembered him fondly and the years they spent together fighting the UIR and Locust. Kait was very young when her father died, and has used everything she can to try and remember him, even by reading an instruction manual for King Ravens authored by him.

Kait also felt split by her parentage, especially when she joined the Coalition of Ordered Governments Army during the Swarm War, as Kait was raised by her mother, an Outsider, and her father who was a Gear and war-hero. Her father's role in the Pendulum Wars and Locust War gave her perspective on what it means to be a soldier. Despite her father's origins - Gabriel Diaz was highly respected among the Outsider community. Kait often used her connection with her father as reason to be trusted by other members of the Outsiders and convince them to join the war.

During this time, Kait was able to get Gabriel's file from Colonel Victor Hoffman, though she eventually realized that the file didn't contain everything. Hoffman told her that there were things even he didn't have access to and though he knew about them, they were secrets that needed to die. Hoffman told Kait that the right person to learn it from was Richard Prescott despite him being dead. He also told Kait that there was one name she should pay attention to when she came across it: Ukkon. Kait committed Ukkon's name to memory and thought that it sounded familiar, as if she had heard it before in childhood. However, Kait's memory of where she heard of Ukkon before was elusive, possibly even deliberately sealed away.[6]


Skill Tree Gabe Diaz.jpg

In Gears Tactics, Gabriel has the following skills:

Active skills[]

  • Empower (Lv. 1) - Target Ally gains 1 Action.
  • Empower (Lv. 2) - Target ally gains 1 Action and gets +20% Damage for 1 turn.
  • Empower (Lv. 3) - Target ally gains 2 Actions and gets +20% Damge for 1 Turn.
  • Encourage
  • Group Therapy (Lv. 1) - Heal each ally for 100 health.
  • Group Therapy (Lv. 2) - Heal each ally for 150 health.
  • High-Powered Shot (Lv. 1) - Shoot with a +50% Damage bonus.
  • High-Powered Shot (Lv. 2) - High-Powered Shot has its cooldown reduced by 1 turn.
  • High-Powered Shot (Lv. 3) - High-Powered Shot has its cooldown further reduced by 1 turn.
  • Recovery Patch (Lv. 1)
  • Recovery Patch (Lv. 2)
  • Recovery Patch (Lv. 3) - Heal target ally for 220 health at the end of your turn for 3 turns.
  • Stim (Lv. 1) - Heal Target Ally for 100 health.
  • Stim (Lv. 2) - Heal target ally for 150 health or revive them from a downed state.
  • Stim (Lv. 3) - Heal target ally for 250 health or revive them from a downed state.
  • Surge - All of the target's Skills and abilities are refreshed. Does not refresh the Surge skill.
  • Teamwork (Lv. 1) - When targeted ally downs or kills an enemy, this unit gets 1 Action to a maximum of 2.
  • Teamwork (Lv. 2) - Teamwork cooldown reduced by 1 and maximum amount of Actions granted increased to 3.

Passive skills[]

  • Chainsaw Attack Mastery - This unit's Chainsaw Attack ability cooldown is reduced by 1 turn.
  • Chainsaw Command - When this unit kills an enemy with the Chainsaw Attack ability, Command is triggered 1 additional time.
  • Chainsaw Motivation - When this unit uses its Chainsaw Attack ability, the ally with the lowest health gets +20% Evasion for this turn.
  • Command (Lv. 1) - When this unit kills an enemy, heal each ally for 4% of their Maximum Health.
  • Command (Lv. 2) - Command has its healing effect increased to 7%.
  • Critical Healing - This unit's healing Skills have a chance of granting +100% additional health.
  • Distracting Fire - The first Shot by this unit at a target reduces the target's Evasion by 10% for this turn.
  • Hone In - When this unit misses a Shot, it gets +20% Accuracy this turn.
  • Reactive Therapy - When an ally is downed or killed, refresh this unit's Group Therapy Skill.
  • Revved Up - When this unit kills an enemy, the Chainsaw Attack Ability cooldown is reduced by 1 turn.
  • Stim Grenade Mastery - This unit's Throw Stim Grenade ability cooldown is reduced by 2 turns.
  • Triage - Targets with less than 50% remaining health get +100% healing from your Skills.
  • Weak Point - When this unit's Command is triggered, each ally gets +5% Critical Hit Chance this turn.

Weapon passive skills[]

  • Hair Trigger - When this unit uses the Shoot ability, it gets a 5% chance to shoot the same target again. This effect does not occur if the weapon does not have enough ammo.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • Gabriel Diaz is voiced by Noshir Dalal.



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