"So this is the UIR sniper rifle..."
"This isn't a gun. It's a comrade.
Damon Baird and Garron Paduk upon finding a discarded Markza

The GZ18 Markza Sniper Rifle[1] was a semi-automatic rifle manufactured and used by the Union of Independent Republics and, after Emergence Day, the Coalition of Ordered Governments.


The GZ18 Sniper Rifle, nicknamed "Markza", was the UIR counterpart to the COG Longshot during the Pendulum Wars. While it wasn't as powerful as the Longshot, it had a higher rate of fire, faster reload and larger magazine. However, its scope was also not as powerful as the Longshot's.

After Emergence Day, the Locust Horde captured many Markza rifles and re-purposed large numbers of them after the Fall of Gorasnaya to create the Breechshot rifle. They re-chambered it for larger-caliber rounds, replaced the magazine, stripped out the gas system that made it a semi-automatic, and added a blade to the pommel in exchange for losing its scope.[2]



The execution of this weapon consists of holding the rifle by its barrel and using it like a golf club, hitting the downed enemy in the abdomen, sending him flying into the air, while also shattering the victim's ribs.

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