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"I represent a concerned party within Chairman Monroe's administration. We are uncolored by the messianic moralism our Chairman has consistently shown. Instead, we are pragmatists. In our view, the greatest kindness we can for Sera is bring the Pendulum Wars to a swift, decisive end [...] Unlike our Chairman, we are capable of imagination - of seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, as it were. "
—A member of the Fringe COG Party contacting Dr. Niles Samson.

The Fringe COG Party was an anonymous group of individuals who worked within the Monroe administration of the Coalition of Ordered Governments, acting as a shadow government. It was comprised of the pragmatic politicians who believed in resolving issues by disregarding ethical or moral intervention. Because of the resources connected to the Coalition, they were able to accomplish various tasks without the authorization or knowledge from the Chairman. The party had the Coalition of Ordered Governments in their best interest, but believed that moralism prohibited true progress and achievement.

Among their achievements was the continuation of Dr. Niles Samson's research that originated at the New Hope Research Facility. Dr. Samson was shut down and indicted by Chairman Monroe following the accusations of unethical experimentation on children sick with Rustlung, mutating them with the DNA of indigenous creatures of the Hollow in an attempt to cure them. The party relocated Dr. Samson and his research to a hidden facility inside the caverns of Mount Kadar to cure Rustlung and, in addition, build genetically superior soldiers to help end the Pendulum Wars. Through further experimentation, the Locust Horde was created and led to a genocidal war that destroyed nearly all of the human race.

It is unknown what happened to the group. However, the symbol of the party was later used by the Locust Horde.



It was unknown when the party was created, but was most likely organized in the early Pendulum Wars, when the Coalition of Ordered Governments first rose to prominence in both politics and economy due to having a majority of Imulsion reserves during the Gold Rush. The party was significantly involved with political matters during the Monroe administration.

Genetic Experimentation[]

During the Pendulum Wars, the miners of Imulsion and their families began suffering from a fatal condition known as Rustlung, which was caused by the overexposure to the Imulsion vapors. Fearing the political and economic ramifications if the public learned that Imulsion caused health effects, the Department of Health, under Chairman Monroe's orders, opened the New Hope Research Facility in an attempt to house, research and cure the children of the miners infected with Rustlung. The program was put under the management of geneticist Director Niles Samson. While routinely injecting doses of Imulsion in the children to study the progress of Rustlung, Dr. Niles Samson discovered that Imulsion caused point-mutations and the ability for possible genetic benefits. One of the subjects, named Myrrah, was revealed to be genetically immune to the ill-effects of Imulsion such as Rustlung, and also benefited from the Imulsion exposure, such as decelerated aging and an increased immune system. Dr. Samson attempted to replicate the results in the other children, but came to the conclusion that Myrrah was a scientific anomaly.

However, due to the possible point-mutations caused by Imulsion, Dr. Samson attempted to mutate the children with the DNA of the indigenous creatures of the Hollow. It resulted in genetically unstable, distempered, sterile, and highly aggressive mutants known as the Sires. Due to the attacks on the staff and disillusionment of the unethical experimentation, many scientists resigned and leaked information about New Hope to the public and political figures. Chairman Monroe uncovered the experiments at New Hope and ordered the facility to be shut down, with Dr. Samson and the other loyal scientists involved to be indicted. Before the facility was shut down and the scientists to report to the House of Sovereigns, the fringe party contacted Dr. Niles Samson and believed in his work. Employing the Nethercutt Mining to create another facility inside Mount Kadar, they offered to relocate Dr. Niles Samson, his subjects, and his remaining loyal employees to the facility where they could continue their work to cure Rustlung as well as to end the Pendulum Wars by supplying genetically enhanced soldiers who could obey command. Dr. Samson agreed and led a mass exodus on foot to Mount Kadar to the new facility.

At the new facility inside Mount Kadar, Dr. Samson used Myrrah's embryonic stem-cells and fertilized them with Sire DNA to create the first successful hybrid: the Matriarch, who was then able to produce the first Drone of the Locust Horde. It was discovered that Myrrah, the Matriarch, and the Locust shared a psychomagnetic consciousness called the Hivemind. Myrrah, being the creator of the Locust, was able to control and communicate with them telepathically. Through the Matriarch, her powers were amplified. Myrrah later had sexual relations with geneticist Doctor Torres and produced a human child named Reyna. It was discovered that Reyna had inherited Myrrah's decelerated aging, boosted immune system, and connection to the Hivemind. However, Dr. Torres feared the experimentation that would befall his own daughter and fled the facility with Reyna. Unable to recapture the two, Dr. Samson reported to Myrrah that Reyna had died in the escape attempt. In her grief, Myrrah became resentful of the human race and sympathetic with her Locust children. Using her abilities, she commanded the Locust to kill the scientists and guards. Dr. Samson, mortally wounded, froze the facility to keep it contained. Myrrah and her Locust then managed to escape and create their civilization, Nexus, in the caverns of Mount Kadar.

Current Fate[]

The current fate of the Fringe COG Party is unknown. It's possible they are still secretly active or had disbanded sometime before or during the dissolution of the Coalition of Ordered Governments in 15 A.E. Regardless, the information held by the fringe party was held a secret, as even the Chairmen of the COG weren't aware of where Dr. Samson and the Sires relocated after New Hope and searched in the Kadar Valley for years.

Goals & Agendas[]

While their overall objectives remain a mystery, the members of the party appear to believe in the COG and what it overall stands for. However they believe that morality holds back progress in scientific and political achievements that could potentially improve the COG and it's people for the better.

During the Pendulum Wars, the party's intentions were mostly unknown other than that they saw potential in Doctor Niles Samson's work in genetics and his creation of the Sires. When Chairman Monroe pulled the plug on the New Hope Research Facility, the party instead wished for Niles to continue his work and had him and his staff secretly relocated to a secret facility in the depths Mount Kadar.



Behind the Scenes[]

  • The symbol of the Locust Horde originated from the fringe group's symbol. It is unknown, however, what the true origin of the symbol comes from.
    • The symbol is used on the amulets of its party members to identify them, for the floodlights and space-heaters in the Mount Kadar lab, printed on the scientist's lab coats, and branded on the Locust subjects. The symbol is meant to be set as a square and not a diamond.
    • It's possible that the symbol, due to its similarity to real-world appearances and usage in particular areas, is a chemical hazard symbol for Imulsion. Another possibility is the party could have a potential link to the COG's former monarchy, as the Locust symbol can be detected within the architecture of Fort Reval.