Foxtrot was a Gear squad that assisted Delta-One when it came under assault from Locust forces on the outskirts of Jacinto.

Squad HistoryEdit

Assissting DeltaEdit

Foxtrot and Delta-One participated in a battle against the Locust in an unknown city. After they plugged an Emergence Hole, Foxtrot moved on to another part of the city, but when Delta-One passed by the closed Emergence Hole, it reopened and they were pinned down by snipers and other Locust. Foxtrot returned and rescued them when Sgt. Alex Brand blew up a group of Tickers near the snipers nest, killing the snipers that had Delta-One pinned down. Sgt. Brand was reassigned from Foxtrot to Delta shortly after.[1]

Known MembersEdit



Current MembersEdit


Alex Brand

Former MembersEdit


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