The Forest Raid was a military campaign on the island of Vectes carried out by Commander Miran Trescu and his Gorasni Gears against the Stranded Insurgents.

Order of BattleEdit

Raiding the CampsEdit

After a captured insurgent, Nial Enador told Commander Miran Trescu the location of several Stranded camps, Trescu gathered several squads of Gorasni Gears, leading them into the forest with Nial as a guide. Several other Gorasni set up roadblocks on the roads near the operation to prevent reinforcements or civilians from entering the area. They engaged several Stranded camps, killing many insurgents. However, Col. Victor Hoffman was furious when he discovered that the operation was taking place since Trescu did not clear it with him. He forced a Gorasni roadblock to let him pass and ordered that the Gorasni radio transmitter should be shut down.[2]


After the battle, Yanik Laas and the other two Gorasni gathered the bodies of several dead insurgents and took them in a truck to the ex-Stranded section of New Jacinto. They dropped the bodies off right at the border of the district and were forced to leave by Cpl. Damon Baird after the ex-Stranded citizens almost attacked them.[3]


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