Flood is a Multiplayer Map that was included in the Combustible Map Pack. The map is circular and has two archways that are the entrance to the middle main battle area. The middle has two sides; one is a destroyed highway the rises above one of the player spawns below, and the other is a lower but more protected platform. But players beware as Imulsion continues to rise, keeping players moving to get to the high ground. Things can get bad when one team has already secured the spot and the other team can't get them out.

Weapons[edit | edit source]

There are many different weapons on Flood that go boom. The main weapons that mostly determine the match in the middle destroyed highway alternate between the Mortar and the Hammer of Dawn, which the former can reach almost anywhere on the map from its spawn. The second most fought for weapons are the Torque Bow and the Boomshot, where they alternate between rounds directly opposite of the Mortar/Hammer underneath the archway. The third set are the Ink Grenades and Bolo Grenades that alternate about one quarter around the outside circle of the player spawns. Near the Ink/Bolo are the Gorgon Pistol and the Boltok Pistol, where they alternate just under the archway before the main battle area. The last two weapons are hidden just underneath the highway where the Mortar/Hammer spawn. They are the Bolo Grenades and the Ink Grenades that spawn alternately opposite of the outer grenade spawn.

Horde[edit | edit source]

A good tactic to do is to hole up in the Frag/Ink spawn near the Hammer of Dawn/Mortar spawn. This is good on the lower waves, but can become hectic for the higher waves. Another tactic is to get to the middle, have one person provide cover fire with the Hammer of Dawn/Mortar while two others are posted at the hallway and archway to the sides. However, on higher waves, you'll near to block these halls with Boomshields for the bigger Locust. A final useful tactic is to get a Boomshield for each person on the team and fall back to the brick room where an ammo box spawns. Block off the entrances and kill anyone that even gets near the shields.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Like other maps with inevitable occurrences that can kill players, the map is named after the specific event that kills players(i.e. Avalanche, Hail).
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