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"The Swarm Flock - a flying group of Swarm Leeches - will be your worst nightmare."
—Official Gears 5 statement.

A Flock is a group and a superorganism of Swarm Leeches. They are capable of flight (whereas individual Leeches tend to slither) and share all the same characteristics as them - biting enemies, and being capable of possessing Shepherds, DR-1s and Guardians, before turning them into Rejects, Stumps and Bastions.[1]

Flocks, however, are more durable than a single individual Leech, being able to take a surprising amount of punishment before being destroyed, most likely due to the numerous Leeches that create the Flock. Flocks would fly all over the place, bypassing ground defenses and distracting the enemy long enough for other Swarm units to overwhelm the enemy. When the Flock attacked, a few Leeches would leave the Flock and either explode on contact with an enemy, or pierce right through their chest before returning to the Flock. Like Seeders used by the Locust Horde, Flocks were also capable of jamming communications.

A way to deal with them are weapons with heavy firepower like the Mulcher and the Tri-Shot Chain Gun, explosives such as the Boomshot Grenade Launcher and the Lancer GL Assault Rifle or spread weapons like the Gnasher Shotgun, Overkill Shotgun, Cryo Cannon and the Scorcher Flamethrower, the last of which is devastating to the Flock due to the afterburn damage of its active reload. Weapons that should be avoided are precision weapons like the Markza Mk 1 Marksman Rifle, Longshot Sniper Rifle and the EMBAR Railgun.


Behind the Scenes[]

  • It is unknown how they fly given the lack of any organs indicating the production of bio-gasses such as the Reaver and Gas Barge.


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