"I've never used these Flechette Guns before..."
Jace Stratton

Flechette Guns are manned "ball" turrets that are attached to Submarines, like the CNV Adamant. They are housed in the hull towards the bow, and are attached via a hydraulic arm; when inside the hull, the guns fold underneath the pod. They fire small explosive flechettes out of their two barrels in a 1-2 action. They feature their own oxygen tanks incase of emergency, and can be ejected from the sub as escape pods, with easy release canopies.[1]

Lambent PandemicEdit


The CNV Adamant with Flechette Guns deployed.

Mission to AzuraEdit

"Okay, I'm powerin' up the guns, now nobody shoot each other."
—Dizzy Wallin

On the way to Azura through the Serano Ocean, Delta Squad manned the turrets while Dizzy piloted the Adamant. They used the guns to drive off an attack by a shoal of Manglers, after which they were attacked by a Leviathan. As well as dealing with the huge creature, they had to clear mine fields at the same time to avoid hitting them. They managed to lure the huge creature into a tunnel, where it got stuck, but it grabbed them with its tentacle. They managed to shoot the tentacle off, collapsing the roof of the tunnel onto the Leviathan at the same time.

A short while later, torpedoes were launched at the Adamant. Delta used the turrets to shoot the torpedoes and the automated turrets that were launching them. They destroyed all of the turrets guarding the entrance to Azura, then blasted through the gate. Inside the tunnel, they were confronted by more torpedo turrets that were eventually destroyed. Afterwards, Dizzy deactivated the guns, as they were no longer needed.



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