The Fifteenth Furlin Cavalry was a UIR military unit that fought at the Siege of Anvil Gate.


Invasion of Vasgar and KashkurEdit

Capture of Porra and Capturing a Imulsion RefineryEdit

During the UIR occupation of Vasgar, the Fifteenth Furlin Cavalry captured the city of Porra, and then headed north to capture an Imulsion refinery a hundred kilometers to the north. The refinery lay directly across the border between Vasgar and Kashkur from the fort of Anvil Gate.[1] After taking the refinery without a fight,[2] they sent a probing force across the border to test Anvil Gate's defenses.[3]

Siege of Anvil GateEdit

For the next several months, the Fifteenth Furlin Cavalry participated in the siege on Anvil Gate, until Lt. Victor Hoffman offered the surrender of the garrison in exchange for the civilians to be evacuated safely. Major Toly agreed, and after the civilians left, Captain Benoslau took two hundred Indie soldiers to the garrison and entered the open gates. Benoslau was met by Hoffman, and was shocked at the condition the fort was in, including the bodies piled up that had died from disease. As he and his aide talked with Hoffman in an office, the Fifteenth Furlin Cavalry spread out throughout the city. However, once they were all inside, hidden Gears shut the gates and set off explosives around the city, decimating the Fifteenth. The survivors came under attack from machine gun positions, and Benoslau and his aide were killed by Hoffman. Twenty soldiers took cover in a warehouse, but were killed by a Pesanga squad led by Pvt. Bai Tak. Eventually, the entirety of the Fifteenth Furlin Cavalry that had entered the city was wiped out by the COG ambush.[4]

Known MembersEdit


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