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Escape is a game mode in Gears 5. It follows the Hivebuster squad Team Scorpio, consisting of Leslie Macallister, Lahni Kaliso, and Jeremiah Keegan. Their task is to fight their way out of a Swarm Hive, racing to escape a detonating Venom Bomb.


The mode is designed for three players. Their goal is to fight their way out of the hive, leaving a trail of poison venom in their wake. Each character has different equippable skills that can be unlocked over time. Furthermore, they each start out with a special skill that recharges over time.

The difficulty settings of the mode can be extensively modified. Players can change the number of enemies, their variations, and their health. Bullets received from ammo boxes can also be modified.[1]


There were three Escape characters included in Gears 5 at launch. Additional characters will be added in the future post-launch


There were four default Escape maps included in Gears 5 at launch. Additional Escape maps will be added semi-weekly for an unspecified period post-launch.[2][3]

  • Operation 1 Maps
    • The Hunters
    • The Surge
    • The Wanderer
    • Venom Run
    • The Labyrinth
    • The Clock
    • Forever
    • Last Stand
    • The Trap
  • Operation 2 maps
    • The Line
    • The Link
    • The Detour
    • Ice Queen
    • The Blight
    • The Warren
  • Operation 3 maps
    • The Barracks
    • The Choke
    • Lethal Engagement
    • The End
    • The Corruption
    • Melee Brawl
  • Operation 4 maps
    • The Malfunction
    • The Ambush
    • The Onslaught
    • The Gatekeepers
    • The Split
    • The Mist


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