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Escalation is a multiplayer mode in Gears of War 4 and Gears 5. It is a competitive version of the Domination game mode from Gears of War: Judgment.

Rules and Regulations[]

The objective is to control three rings on the map long enough to gain 210 points. Standing in a ring for several seconds will capture it. Controlling all rings simultaneously for 6 seconds is an automatic win for the round. The first team to win seven rounds, wins.

Matches start out with no pickup weapons. After each round is completed, respawn times increase and the losing team can place weapons anywhere on the map. At halftime, all weapons that have been placed disappear and the rings change locations.

Escalation 2[]

In Gears 5 a team must score 250 points to win a round. Each player is given five lives initially, with an additional live added each round, and resets to five again at half time. If a team loses all of their lives, they lose that round. After a round is complete, both teams are able to add a weapon to the map, upgrade weapons, activate a new loadout option, or disable an enemy weapon for three rounds by using picks. Respawn times are set at sixteen seconds on the first round and is decreased by a second every round until half time.




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