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Prime of the Golden Age.

The Era of Silence,[1] or "Golden Age", began when humanity rejected the concept of war at the end of a millennium-long period of conflict called the Age of Armageddon. The period saw the development of a new cultural and intellectual renaissance, with the advancement of the arts, scientific endeavors, and cultural pursuits being key social priorities. Human culture also became increasingly demilitarized, as people's energies were channeled more towards improving quality of life and the resolution of past military conflicts, leaving little need for large armed forces to be maintained, in spite of occasional skirmishes.[2] However, all was not perfect. Concerns over crime and the protection of civil liberties were prevalent in this period, as both state and society debated the balance between freedom and security. But even this was nothing compared to the growing energy problem on Sera, as existing hydrocarbon and nuclear fuel sources began to run out, pressuring humanity to find and exploit new sources of energy to maintain themselves and their lifestyle in the long-term.[1][2] The age ended with the invention of the Lightmass Process by Dr. Helen Cooper, and the beginnings of the Gold Rush.


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