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ENS around 17 A.E.

"Well, there's an old sub laid up at the shipyard in Endeavour."
—Victor Hoffman to Damon Baird

The Endeavor Naval Shipyard was a COG shipyard located in Halvo Bay in Tyrus. Located off the coast of the Serano Ocean, the Endeavor Shipyard was crucial to Delta's mission to find Adam Fenix, 18 months after the Sinking of Jacinto.


Pendulum Wars[]

The Endeavor Shipyard was a shipyard owned by the Coalition of Ordered Governments. During the Pendulum Wars, the COG used submarines for special forces-operations against the Union of Independent Republics.

Locust War[]

"Karn's taken the port. I had friends stationed there."
—Cadet Sofia Hendrik after hearing Shibboleth roar across the bay

Several weeks after Emergence Day, General Karn attacked Halvo Bay where Endeavor was located. During the height of the battle, Endeavor was captured and several naval ships were destroyed.[1] After the battle for Halvo Bay, the COG recaptured the port and kept it manned until 12 A.E., when Locust incursions around the city forced the COG to abandon the base, scuttling the remaining ships and destroying the Imulsion stockpile.[2]

Lambent Pandemic[]

Seventeen years after Emergence Day, Queen Myrrah's loyal Locust invaded the shipyard and turned it into a military stronghold, placing Troikas and allowing Giant Serapedes to run amok in some of the docking bays. Queen Myrrah then made the shipyard into her main base after The Hollow was flooded until her forces took Azura at which time she moved her base there. However, Endeavor remained a Locust stronghold. Sometime later, Delta Squad, composed of Dizzy Wallin, Marcus Fenix, Anya Stroud, Jace Stratton, and Samantha Byrne, arrived at the shipyard in search of a submarine that would take them under Azura's Maelstrom Barrier and find Adam Fenix, Marcus' father. Fighting through scores of Locust, Delta eventually found a seaworthy submarine, a rotor for it, and enough fuel to get to their destination - they entered the submarine and entered the Serano Ocean via floodgate.

Concept art of Endeavor Naval Shipyard.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • On Marcus' journey to find the submarine, if you look at the sea, you can see shipwrecks in the docks. These shipwrecks include Imulsion Tankers, supply ships, cargo ships and other types of vessels; all of them were sunk by order of the COG to prevent them from falling into the hands of the Locust. But in the concept art (above), you can see at least 5 aircraft carriers (one sunk, one in the dry dock, and the other three anchored in the harbor) that apparently were abandoned after the incursions or they were no longer used in active duty.
  • Also you can see several Locust corpses inside the dockyards which means that either the Lambent attacked the shipyard but the Locust were able to contain them or that they died fighting the COG during the incursions or during the Destruction of Halvo Bay.