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The Emergence in Ilima was one of the first battles fought during the Locust War in the initial attack known as Emergence Day. Residing on the Jacinto Plateau, Ilima was easily defended and reclaimed during the attack, but natural fissures and underground facilities such as subtrains and sewage systems allowed the Locust to dig and emerge within certain areas of the city.


After seventy-nine years, the Pendulum Wars came to an end, with the winning victor as the Coalition of Ordered Governments. During the six weeks of peace, earthquakes were reported across Sera.

Emergence in Ilima[]

Attacks in the City[]

Six weeks after the end of the Pendulum Wars, a race of subterranean creatures called the Locust Horde emerged from the Hollow and into the streets of Ilima City, along with every other major city on Sera. The Locust, with no clear motivation, began to slaughter all humans without discrimination as men, women, and children were slaughtered.

Hunting of Humans[]

One of the areas hit hardest was the suburban area of Ilima City. As citizens were ordered to remain in their homes, the Locust Drones began home invasions, massacring families, and setting the houses on fire. Among the houses was the Stratton Residence. Mr. Stratton, Mrs. Stratton, and their eldest son were shot to death by the Locust, while their youngest son, Jayson Stratton, hid from the Locust.

However, the Locust Drones brought in a female Drone, the Berserker, to find any remaining humans as they hunted by smell. Just as the Berserker led the Drones to Jayson's hiding spot, a squad of Gears entered and opened fire, eliminating the Locust forces. However, the fire caused parts of the house to collapse on Jayson, suffocating him. As he neared death, a man named Dr. Gregory Wisen, rescued Jayson Stratton from the wreckage. As Dr. Wisen facilitated an orphanage in the city, he adopted Jayson.

Repelling the Locust[]

As the Locust exploited the plateau's fissures and subterranean facilities to emerge in the city, most of Ilima was still protected by the Jacinto Plateau, keeping the Locust from receiving reinforcements. As the Coalition of Ordered Governments realized the cities located on the Jacinto Plateau had a natural defense, they pushed to secure those select cities, including Ilima. After repelling the Locust forces, the Coalition either collapsed certain sub facilities or filled them poisonous gas to keep the Locust from exploiting it.


While the Locust continually staged small attacks within Ilima, it wouldn't be until a massive invasion, led by Uzil RAAM, accompanied by a Kryllstorm, finally took the city in 9 A.E. as part of the Locust campaign to reach Ephyra by conquering surrounding cities on the plateau.


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