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"Uh, Control, be advised: Divert the colonel's convoy!"
"Sorry, Corporal! We're almost there!"
"Negative, negative, Control! The House of Sovereigns is a red zone!"
"Corporal Kim, this whole city's a red zone.
—Cpl. Minh Young Kim warning Lt. Anya Stroud on E-Day.

The Emergence in Ephyra was a major battle that took place on Emergence Day. During the first hours of Emergence Day, the Locust forces were able to attack the COG's capital of Ephyra. It was a massive battle with the COG armed forces protecting the civilians and fighting against the newly emerged enemy, the Locust Horde. Though Ephyra was considerably protected by the Jacinto Plateau, the Locust were able to exploit certain fissures and emerge, making the entire city a "red zone." Ephyra was like many cities across Sera with thousands of civilians and COG forces dead, but the COG was able to take control of Ephyra back.


Only six weeks prior to the battle, the COG unleashed the newly completed Hammer of Dawn on the UIR forces. This counterattack finally ended the Pendulum Wars as Chairman Tomas Dalyell and Premier Yori Deschenko struck the UIR-COG Armistice. The COG won the war and the control of the world's supply of Imulsion.

During those six weeks, many soldiers of the COG were put on leave. Some feared that the Gorasni would retaliate the armistice and their stubborn nature and hatred for the COG was given. Shortly before the emergence, it was reported by The Jacinto Herald, Ephyra's independent newspaper that a record number of earthquakes occurred in Tyrus and all across Sera. The increase of seismic activity puzzled the scientists. The answer was made clear when the Locust Horde emerged from the Hollow and began their attack.

Order of Battle[]

Attack in the City[]

In the early hours of Emergence Day, Ephyra was simultaneously attacked along with every major city on Sera. The Seran people never knew that the Locust Horde existed and are attacked by the subterranean enemy. The entire city of Ephyra was soon turned into a "redzone" as the Locust attacked everywhere. Chairman Dalyell while just as confused and uninformed as the rest of Sera advised the civilians to stay indoors and await further instructions until they could figure the situation out.

Battle at House of Sovereigns[]

The House of Sovereigns under attack

Director of Special Forces Col. Victor Hoffman along with Lt. Anya Stroud were in a convoy heading toward the Coalition's capital building, the House of Sovereigns, when Locust forces attacked them. Cpl. Minh Young Kim and his squad advised Lt. Stroud to divert the convoy since the capital building was a redzone with heavy Locust activity. The convoy was stopped at the front entrance of the House of Sovereigns by the Locust Drones and Wretches. Cpl Kim's squad was able to arrive in time to save Col. Hoffman and Lt. Stroud, but a Corpser emerged onto the street ahead, unleashing more Locust troops.

Col. Hoffman ordered the Gears to grab the Hammer of Dawn from the back of the wrecked van in the convoy and to use it against the Corpser in order to kill it. Several blasts from the Hammer of Dawn were able to kill the Corpser, clearing the way for Lt. Stroud, Cpl. Kim and Col. Hoffman to enter the House of Sovereigns. Meanwhile, Cpl. Kim gave his squad orders to hold position and defend the House of Sovereigns.

Inside, Chairman Tomas Dalyell then delivered a message to the people of Sera, alerting them of a global attack from underground creatures and advised them remain calm, stay indoors, and await for further instruction. During this, Locust forces began to assault the House of Sovereigns. with the Gears using the Hammer of Dawn to destroy the Reavers, Boomers, Drones and Wretches. However, the satellites over the city went offline, allowing a Reaver to land in the courtyard and eliminate the defending Gears with its rocket launcher.

Attack in the Suburbs[]

As civilians heard directions to stay inside their homes, Locust forces began to hunt for humans inside their houses. Invading the Flores Residence, the Locust opened an Emergence Hole, swallowing children Benedicto and Sylvia Santiago. The Locust then emerged and killed their grandparents, Mr. Flores and Mrs. Flores.


"By nightfall, hundred of thousands were dead. Emergence Day had earned it name. Like many of you, I was only a child then. It was a dark terrible time, and our victory was in no way assured."
First Minister Mina Jinn reflecting the beginning of the Locust war on Victory Day.[2]

Over twenty five years after the end of the Locust War, First Minister Jinn of the restored Coalition reflected upon E-Day and the battle for Ephyra in a victory speech.[3]


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