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"Remember that looks aren't everything. I'm Stefan Gradin. This platform is my personal kingdom, so nobody fucks with it, okay?"
Stefan Gradin to Delta-One, after they landed on the Emerald Spar for the first time.

The Emerald Spar Imulsion Platform, formerly owned by the Union of Independent Republics, was an offshore Imulsion rig located near a Gorasnayan protectorate. Since it had later fallen into the hands of the Gorasini, their leader, Miran Trescu, handed it over to the COG in exchange for refuge at Vectes, in 15 A.E. It had been maintained and protected for years, even during the Locust War, by a group of Gorasni - mainly men together with their wives - led by Stefan Gradin.

Being located in the middle of the vast ocean and still functional with a large quantity of Imulsion at its disposal, it is an attractive target for Stranded, but the crew has managed to keep them off the platform, losing only a couple of fuel tankers to piracy over the years. On a crane arm that jutted from the side of the platform hung the remains of a Stranded pirate, as a warning to anyone who would try to board the platform without permission. Cpl. Dominic Santiago noticed it the first time Delta-One had set foot on the Emerald Spar, mistaking it for a ragged flag at first.

The platform had become the location of a fierce battle against Lambent Stalks and Polyps, that had been discovered after the CNV Clement went to search for the sunken Garosnayan frigate Nezark. The battle led to the platform going up in flames and finally collapsing into the ocean. Before its destruction, the Emerald Spar was believed to be the tallest human structure left on Sera.

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