Embry Star Medal

Embry Star medal.

The Embry Star was a military medal awarded for heroism, and the highest possible honor available to a COG soldier. Only members of the COG military were eligible to receive this award. It is possible that some award ceremonies are conducted at Embry Square in the city of Ephyra. The Embry Star is given to those Gears who have heroically distinguished themselves with gallantry and valor, going beyond the call of duty, while engaged in action against an enemy of the COG.


Grame JEdit

Grame J was awarded the Embry Star posthumously for unknown actions.[1]

Aspho FieldsEdit

After the Battle of Aspho Fields, five Gears were awarded the Embry Star for their role in the battle, and were given them at a ceremony at the House of Sovereigns. Col. Victor Hoffman publicly humiliated Chairman Tomas Dalyell at the ceremony by accepting his Star and dedicating it to all the Pesang soldiers who died at Aspho Fields who were ineligible for the award.[2]

Known recipientsEdit


  • The Embry Star is an unlockable medal in Gears of War 3, obtained by receiving 30 total Onyx Medals. It is also an unlockable medal in Gears of War: Judgment, obtained by receiving 20 total Onyx Medals.

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