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This article is for the hunters of the Swarm. For the Locust Hunter, see Hunter.

The Elite Hunter is one of the highest ranks of the Swarm. These are much higher ranked and more experienced than the Swarm Hunter. Most of the sightings are often reported by veteran Gears. This had lead some to believe these cunning foes are sent to eradicate those who have become an exceptional threat to the Swarm.

Unlike their lower counterparts, they exclusively carry Torque Bows and they are able to cloak before firing their first shot. They wear rags around their face and additional armor to better bland around their surroundings at night. They are also equipped with smoke grenades to surprise, flush out and/or secure their positions from enemies.

Like regular Hunters, Elite Hunters are all female.[1]


Similar to their lesser ranked brethren, Elite Hunters have just as much health as a standard Drone and just as cunning. What sets them apart is their ability to cloak for the initial round and their frequent use of smoke grenades. Although nonlethal, these grenades obscures the whereabouts of either the Hunter or their allies from being spotted.

To counter their grenades, JACK could use its sonar ability to briefly detect the outlines and contours of the Swarm hidden within the smoke. For the Elite Hunter themselves, dispatch them the same as you would a regular Hunter.

Swarm Elite Hunter Gallery[]


  • The Elite Hunter is a playable multiplayer character for the Swarm in Gears 5, and has one unlockable character skins, excluding its Default skin: Chrome Steel.
  • The Elite Hunter is playable in Gears 5 multiplayer.

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