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Elemental Cleavers are a group of Easter Egg weapons found in the Forces of Nature DLC for Gears of War 3.

Although they externally resemble regular Butcher Cleavers, once picked up, there would be a special elemental affect surrounding the player. All of the cleavers 'shoot' out an elemental gust that temporarily stuns an enemy. Use this as an advantage to rush in and butcher the helpless target.

These cleavers could only be found on the multiplayer maps: Jacinto, Aftermath, Artillery and Raven Down. All four of the cleavers only appear in Horde mode and cost 900 currency for Horde 2.0.

Getting the Weapons[]

Water Cleaver[]

Water Cleaver drenching the player in murky seawater.

The Water Cleaver is found on Aftermath.

Go to the Statue Spawn; traverse on the balcony nearest to the spawn and get to the top. Stand on the Longshot and turn around and look at the sky. You should see a flock of birds. Shoot and kill one of them and he'll explode like a Polyp. This may take a while.

Once you kill one, head down the stairs inside the building directly below the clocktower and look off the ledge to the right from the bottom of the stairs. Keep looking until your screen starts to shake and you hear growling. Dodge to the back quickly as a Lambent Leviathan will try to smash you (it instantly kills you so be careful). When it submerges again, it drops the Water Cleaver on the ledge so go grab it.

The Water Cleaver leaves the player drenched in water. Each swing would propel a shower of stunning seawater.

Electric Cleaver[]

Electric Cleaver covering the player in static electricity.

The Electric Cleaver is found on Artillery.

Before you can begin the process for the Cleaver, you need to be in a "savage" wave. Indicators of this are wild Tickers, and of course Savage Locust. If the wave contains Lambent, Wretches, Shriekers etc., then you don't have the right set currently. Keep playing or die and restart the match. The reason you need a savage wave is because you must obtain a Cleaver before you can progress.

Next, find a Butcher or Savage Theron. Kill it and take its Cleaver. Head towards the Headquarters spawn. Bring the Cleaver with you; you will need it soon. Wait for the storm to pick up (a siren will sound when it's beginning) then stand on top of the "High Voltage" sign that is on the ground in the wide open with the Cleaver in your hand. Lightning will strike you, charging the cleaver. You now have an Electric Cleaver. This is the only Elemental Cleaver where you no need to spend currency on.

The Electric Cleaver covers the player in a static field. Each swing would shoot out a stunning bolt of electricity.

Imulsion Cleaver[]

Imulsion Cleaver shrouding the player in choking fumes.

The Imulsion Cleaver is found on Jacinto.

To get it you must shoot the four gutters up high that are always above an Imulsion puddle in the "Imulsion" spawn. They are always up high, so if you spawn in the "Imulsion" spawn, it should be above your head. If you didn't spawn in the "Imulsion" spawn, sprint all the way over there and it should be in the very back of the spawn and up high on the building nearest to the spawn. It's a little bit lighter colored than the other ones, as it's stated before they're always above Imulsion puddles. Shoot this and it should drop down and pour water on the Imulsion puddle.

The second is in the entrance to the tunnel that goes beneath the Grenade spawn. Once you get to the entrance, turn around and look up. There should be a small gutter on the building to the right in the shadows. The piece you must shoot is about half-way so just spray and pray all the way down the gutter. If you hit the right spot, it will drop down and pour water.

The third is on the balcony to the left of the spawn. Once you get up the stairs, look directly above and shoot the lightly colored piece until it drops down and pours water. The fourth and final one is near the Grenade Spawns in the tower. Walk up the stairs and a little to the left. If you look around, you should see a small window looking into an enclosed area inside the building with a dead stalk. Inside that, the gutter is directly above the window and the Imulsion puddle. Shoot this, then head over to the Boomshot/Hammer of Dawn spawn.

Once over there and inside the little canopy, look directly out and up a little. You should see a big metal box on top of the balcony. Shoot in this until it comes out and pours water all over the little rock in the Imulsion. You can then see the Cleaver in the rock and now to get it, you must grab the Hammer of Dawn (Note: in order to get the Hammer of Dawn you must begin wave 2) and lase the Imulsion in front of the Cleaver. Keep lasing it until rocks start to form and make a bridge. Sometimes this can take awhile to work. After making the bridge, head on over to the Cleaver and buy it for $900.

The Imulsion Cleaver is the 'fire' elemental and shrouds the player in Imulsion fumes. Each swing shoots out a debilitating splash of Imulsion.

Snow Cleaver[]

Snow Cleaver surrounding the player in a torrential freeze.

The Snow Cleaver is found on Raven Down.

To get the weapon, buy the "Fire" spawn command post and the "Monument" command post, then head over to the farthest point possible in the "Train" spawn. Stand in the corner and look very far out, up and left; you should see a small walkway between two buildings up high.

The first snowman is in the farthest doorway on the walkway. Shoot the snowman in the doorway (you'll know if you hit it, it'll explode into smoke), then go to the "Monument" area and look to the back of it into the building. Look at the second-to-left window and back up so you can see the second snowman in the window (it's quite far back so just keep looking). Shoot it, then go to the "Fire" spawn again and look far out like the first.

Look on the ground near the second tree down. Shoot it, then go to the "Parking Garage" and hit the garage door button. Once it's open, the snowman will be standing directly in-front of you. It will turn its head and explode, revealing the cleaver that can be bought for $900.

The Snow Cleaver encapsulate the player in a snowstorm. Each swing shoots out a gust of a freezing blizzard.



Gears of War 3 Elemental Achievement and all Elemental Cleaver Locations


Behind the Scenes[]

  • These weapons are a superior variant of the Butcher Cleaver, owing to its range 'stun' attack that freezes an enemy and makes them helpless.
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