Eldon Rorry was a King Raven pilot in the Coalition of Ordered Governments Air Corps who flew KR Three-Three. He flew patrols around Port Farrall and participated in the Battle of Vectes and the Battle of Pelruan with co-pilot Dav Braley.


Stationed at Port FarrallEdit

After the Sinking of Jacinto, the Coalition of Ordered Governments relocated to Port Farrall,[1] and Rorry was stationed on one of the navy vessels. Six weeks after the evacuation,[2] he flew alongside Major Gill Gettner and attacked Locust stragglers, killing six Boomers before returning to the ships.[3]

Battle of VectesEdit

During the Battle of Vectes, Rorry airlifted wounded Gears from Omircron Squad, including Sgt. Rory Andresen, to Vectes Naval Base. However, Andresen died en route.[4]

Battle of PelruanEdit

"Bravo Control, if you folks in the harbor want to move out, we can hose them from here."
—Rorry, arriving at Pelruan to assist in the battle

When a Lambent Leviathan attacked Pelruan, Rorry flew KR Three-Three there to assist. He positioned the Raven so that his gunner Dav Braley could provide covering fire with the Raven's guns, but the Leviathan shot Polyps at the Raven from one of its tentacles. The Polyps hit the Raven and exploded, destroying the Raven and killing Rorry and Braley. Their deaths shocked the other Raven crews, which had not taken any casualties in some time.[5]



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