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"Miran — those cowards surrendered. They let the COG humiliate them. But not us. I want you to promise me something. There'll be no ceasefire for Gorasnaya. Promise me you will fight on."
—Egar, asking his son to continue fighting the COG

General Egar Trescu was a Gorasni officer in the Union of Independent Republics army. He was also the father of Miran Trescu.


Defending Branascu[]

When superior Coalition of Ordered Governments forces attacked the Republic of Gorasnaya stronghold of Branascu island, Egar commanded the defense of the city. He was able to hold off the Coalition of Ordered Governments armed forces and win the one-sided battle, earning the admiration and respect of the entire country.[1]

Egar dying with Miran by his bedside.


In the last days of the Pendulum Wars, Egar was dying and in the Viska Military Hospital in Branascu. When he learned of the surrender of the Union of Independent Republics to the COG, he sent a personal message to his son, Miran, and asked to see him immediately. Egar knew he only had a few hours left and was in a lot of pain, but refused more morphine because he wanted to be alert when he spoke to Miran. When Miran arrived, Egar expressed his disgust of the ceasefire, and asked Miran to promise him that he would make sure that Gorasnaya continued fighting. Miran promised that he would, and Egar thanked him, and gave him his gold watch that had been passed down to him by his father, and told him that it was now his. Miran took the watch and stayed by Egar's bedside as he died and the official ceasefire came into effect.[2]


Fifteen years later, after Miran and the remnant of the Republic of Gorasnaya joined the Coalition of Ordered Governments, a COG frigate was given to the Gorasni. It was renamed the Generale Egar Trescu.[3]

Personality and Traits[]

Egar was dedicated to the freedom and independence of the Republic of Gorasnaya, and was angered by the rest of the UIR surrendering when the COG deployed the Hammer of Dawn.[2] He was also very aggressive and, as Trescu put it, would backhand before disowning his son if he were alive to see Trescu align himself with the Coalition.



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