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"You're finished COG - and you, Indie."
—Edwin Loris, threatening Victor Hoffman and Miran Trescu

Edwin Loris was a Stranded Insurgent that was captured by Delta Squad.


Stranded InsurgencyEdit

Battle of VectesEdit

Sgt. Bernadette Mataki used Mac to track them down from the location where a mine detonated under Packhorse P-Twelve. While he was trying to get a clear shot at Mac, who had his teeth in his comrade Mikail Enador, he got knocked down and unconscious by Pvt. Samantha Byrne with her rat bike coming out of the woods.[1]

Interrogation by Miran TrescuEdit

Together with Mikail Enador, he was being treated by Dr. Isabel Hayman at VNB's infirmary, handed over to Cdr. Miran Trescu to question them on where they'd get their ammunition and ordnance from. Since both Edwin and Mikail refused to talk, Trescu called Burkan to bring Nial into the isolation ward. From that point, Trescu aimed the interrogation solely on Loris, who still refused to tell anything and even threatened the COG and the Gorasnayan leader. Calmly, Trescu put his sidearm to Loris' head and pulled the trigger, telling the young Nial that he would easily do the same to his father if he wouldn't co-operate. [2]


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