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Echo Squad was a Gear squad that originally active during the Locust War. At that time, Echo was led by Sgt. Drew Rossi.[1] The squad patrolled Jacinto after the Lightmass Bombing at Timgad, where they came under attack by Locust forces.[1] The squad was later assigned to guard Pelruan.[2] Decades later, Echo Squad was reconstituted and fought in the Battle of Old Ephyra during the Swarm War, with Garron Paduk temporarily joining them.[3]


Locust War[]

Ambush at Sovereigns Boulevard[]

One week after the Lightmass Offensive,[4] Echo Squad was on patrol in Jacinto when they came under attack by a dozen Drones and a Boomer. They were forced to retreat inside a mall, but Pvt. Harrie was killed and Pvt. David was wounded. Sgt. Drew Rossi called for backup, and Delta-One arrived. The two squads managed to kill the Locust forces, and Rossi called for a casevac for David. He and the only other remaining Gear in the squad stayed with David while Pvt. Dominic Santiago went to collect Harrie's Lancer.[5]

Assignment on Vectes[]

After the Sinking of Jacinto, the COG relocated to the island of Vectes.[6] Echo Squad was one of two squads assigned to guard the town of Pelruan, where they took the day shift.

Swarm War[]

Battle of Old Ephyra[]

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Known Members[]

Locust War[]

  • Pvt. David[7]
    • Current Status: W.I.A.
    • David was wounded by Locust forces during an ambush, and was medevaced by a chopper. His fate is unknown.
  • Unknown Gear[8]
    • Current Status: On active duty
    • This Gear was the only member of Echo Squad aside from Rossi still standing after a Locust ambush.

Swarm War[]


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