East Wing is the sixth chapter of the first act in Gears of War: Judgment. This is the sixth mission of Baird's testimony.


The chapter starts with a cutscene where the Onyx Guards of Black-Four tell you to hold the East Wing. After this, the door is being knocked by the Locust and you've got a small amount of time to prepare the Automatic Sentinels and to frag tag the rooms. The Declassified mission is at the very beginning of the level.

Declassified MissionEdit

"Lt. Baird claimed Kilo Squad defended Nassar Embry's armor with no additional Onyx support."

If you activate the Declassified Mission, you'll have to protect Nassar Embry's armor from Locust attacks. Beware Tickers, Therons and Grenadiers because their explosive weapons will destroy it really fast. After the time runs out, waves of enemies pass through the doors and begin to attack you and the armor. The sentinels will help you but you need to recharge them fast before they are destroyed. After you fend off the first wave, you have thirty seconds to check your defenses and prepare for more combat. More enemies begin to spawn from the corners with Flame Grenadiers and Therons attacking from the flanks. After you defeat all of the enemies, you see a monster through the window and you hear it roar before it vanishes. Later you get to the door that leads to the other room and the chapter ends.


A COG Tag can be found at the right corner of the hall, inside a small room with a dead Onyx Guard. It's easier to find at the end of the chapter.


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