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"No, they're disputing ownership of the Acastu wells now. They're accusing Dushin of side-drilling."
—Major Helena Stroud, describing the UIR's grievances against Dushin

The nation of Dushin was a member state of the Coalition of Ordered Governments. It held the Acastu Imulsion Fields, which rested on a border of a Union of Independent Republics nation, possibly Shaoshi. Dushin appeared to have a desert-like climate.


Dispute with the UIREdit

In the 75th year of the Pendulum Wars, Dushin was involved in a border dispute with a Union of Independent Republics nation over the Acastu Imulsion Fields, and was accused of side drilling underneath the border to steal Imulsion. The UIR often raided the fields from across the border, and used Khimeras to scout it out. In response, the Coalition of Ordered Governments deployed forces to Dushin to help maintain the nation's territorial integrity and Imulsion production. Several such raids took place that year, with one resulting in the death of Cpl. Maxon, five Indie soldiers, and the destruction of some of the Imulsion wells, though the damage was fixed and production was uninterrupted. A second attack by a sniper killed Pvt. Quinn a week later.[1]

Known Cities and LocationsEdit


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