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Drydock is a multiplayer map in Gears of War 3, set in a COG shipbuilding facility. It returns in the form of a ship breaking scrapyard in Gears of War 4 as part of a free map DLC that Season Pass owners could play exclusively from November 1st, 2016. It became available to all players on November 8th, 2016,[1] but is only available for private play if the Season Pass has been purchased or the map is separately downloaded.

This map takes some design aspects from Act IV, when Delta Squad and Dizzy are searching for a submarine and fuel to get to Azura. It features an industrial-urban environment with a raised section bisecting the middle, which frequently becomes the main defense area in Horde Mode. Heavy weapons such as the Mulcher can prove devastating against enemy forces moving in the open areas in front of the raised section.

Gears Of War 3 Drydock

Drydock Overhead Map (click to enlarge)


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