The Dropshot is a modified mining tool[1] that fires an aerial mine/drill bit which floats in a straight line over the battlefield for as long as the trigger is pressed. Once released, the mine will spin downwards violently, detonating after it hits the ground. When a direct hit on an enemy is achieved, the mine will often drill into their head, decapitating them and causing their body to convulse until the mine detonates. If the mine hits anything, including an enemy, before the trigger is released, it will bounce off whatever it hits and explode after a short time.

When a drill bit is fired, a line showing where it will drop if released will be displayed as a guide. This line will be red if fired by the player or an enemy, and blue if fired by an ally. If whoever fired the Dropshot is killed, the drill bit will automatically spin downwards. Dropshots can be fired over long distances, but their range is not unlimited; a charge bar on the top of the weapon will countdown till the drill bit automatically drops.

Occasionally, the drill bit will home in on an enemy after releasing the trigger. If a perfect active reload is achieved, the drill bit will detonate much sooner after hitting the ground. The Dropshot is surprisingly effective against Guardians and Sentinels if you manage to drop the drill bit immediately behind the shield.


The Dropshot's execution involves pushing the weapon into the downed enemy's head, lifting them up, and launching their body into the air.

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