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This article is for the drones of the Swarm. For the Locust Drones, see Drone.

Drones are mature Imagos, the result of Juvies that have mutated inside a nest. They are tough and resistant soldiers who resemble the backbone of the Swarm's army. Drones wear clothing and some armor, with their skin hardening into a defensive carapace, giving them some defense in contrast to the Imagos.

They usually use the Hammerburst II, though they use other weapons such as Lancers as well. There are several variations, each for separate purposes.


Drones function the same as their Locust counterparts, acting as frontline infantry against the COG. Like the Imagos, Drones share many of its abilities but have slightly more health and fight more cautiously, in contrast to the more close combat orientated Imagos.

Drones are therefore considered the jack-of-all-trades for the Swarm and are adaptable and flexible in most situations. By themselves they are not a threat, but in groups they are an immediate danger on higher difficulties.

Swarm Drone Gallery[]


  • The Drone is a playable multiplayer character for the Swarm in Gears of War 4, and has four unlockable character skins, excluding its Default skin: Color Blast, Festive, Onyx Gold, and Spectre. Its Festive skin is only available in the Gearsmas Gear Pack, and its Onyx Gold skin is only available in the Onyx Gold Swarm and Mystery Packs.
    • During the Feral Horde Weekend in February 2017, three additional skins - Tiger, Cheetah, and Snow Leopard - were awarded by March 31st for completing 50, 100, and 200 waves, respectively, of Feral Horde.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

  • Like their Locust predecessors, they also speak in short phrases. Some of them are:
    • "Destroy!"
    • "Human!"
    • "Die!"
    • "Terminate!"



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