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"By the glowing fog, the thrice-riven tunnel bore out into the Rift. I saw through each the eyes of the Trinity, and their mind was my mind."
—Ketor Droak about his experiences in the "Rift."

Ketor Droak, or Droak the First, was the original High Priest of the Kantus and member of the Locust Council. He served as High Priest during the Lambent War. Droak was Queen Myrrah's adviser on all religious matters relating to the Trinity of Worms. He was the first to use Imulsion fumes to connect one to a spiritual plane known as the "Rift" in order to create prophecies, gain knowledge, and contact the "gods" known as Riftworms.


The First High Priest[]

Droak was the first Locust to assume the role as Ketor of the Trinity of Worms, the holy religion of the Locust Horde. Keter Droak, at some point, began inhaling Imulsion fumes to allow connection to the "Rift", which was believed to be a spiritual plane connected to the minds of the Riftworms, where they may offer knowledge and prophecy. His work was then written into detail for future High Priests to study and practice.


Unknown as to how and when, Ketor Droak eventually died and was succeeded by Ketor Vrol.


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