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"Have you got control of the shutter?"
"Sphincters-no. Shutter-yes.
—Sgt.Marcus Fenix and Sgt.Drew Rossi during the Ambush at Sovereigns Boulevard

Sergeant Drew Rossi was a Gear soldier in the Coalition of Ordered Governments army who served in the 26th Royal Tyran Infantry and was a friend of Marcus Fenix and Dominic Santiago. He served as the commander of Bravo Squad following the Battle of Ephyra, and became the commander of Echo Squad around the time of the Lightmass Offensive. After the COG moved to Vectes, Rossi became the second-in-command of the garrison in Pelruan, serving under the command of Lt.Anya Stroud. He fought in many battles during the Locust War, Stranded Insurgency, and the Lambent Pandemic. When the COG collapsed, Rossi and his squad accompanied Col.Victor Hoffman, Sgt.Bernadette Mataki, dozens of other Gears, and several thousand civilians to Anvil Gate to seek safety.


Locust War[]

Losing Laurie[]

Around a decade after Emergence Day, Rossi's paramedic girlfriend Laurie was killed in a Locust attack while recovering bodies. Rossi went into a downward spiral for a year after her death, but eventually decided that it would be better to just live life to the fullest. He began to sleep with any woman that he could, but made sure never to take unfair advantage of them.[3]

Investigating the Sewers[]

"Wow, it's the whole ratty navy. Do they usually hang around in gangs like that?"
—Rossi, as hundreds of rats swarm through the sewer

Ten years after Emergence Day, Rossi accompanied Col.Victor Hoffman, Sgt.Marcus Fenix, SSgt.Lennard Parry, and Tyran National Utilities manager Slader into one of the outfall sewers in southern Ephyra to see what they could do about preventing the Locust from using it. Rossi was worried that the sewer was backing up due to how high the sewage was, but Marcus pointed out that it was still flowing outward. Slader informed them that they would need to set up monitoring equipment in the sewer, but would also need to post Gears to patrol the sewer and that there was a risk the Locust could breach the metro or gas mains. They headed back to the ladder that led to Almar Street, and Hoffman hoped they would not end up fighting in the sewer, since the Locust would have the advantage. Rossi suggested they could sue Scorchers to even the odds, but Slader pointed out that the sewer gas would ignite and send manhole covers shooting up all along the block. Rossi noted that would kill a lot of Locust, but Slader countered that it would also collapse the sewer system, making things even more miserable for civilians. They encountered a large horde of rats near the ladder, which swarmed past their feet and deeper into the sewer Rossi asked if they usually travelled in large groups, and Marcus guessed the Locust had spooked them somehow. Slader informed them that rats reacted to vibrations, and that the Locust must be tunneling further down the sewer line. They climbed the ladder back up into the street, and were met by Cpl.Aigle, who used a hose of disinfectant to clean their armor. Hoffman ordered Rossi and Marcus to take their squads and sweep for refugees along La Croix Boulevard in order to make sure they were ready when the Locust launched an attack on the city. They acknowledged the order, and Rossi ran with Marcus to locate their squads and begin the patrol.[4]

Taking over Bravo Squad[]

"Yeah, some clarity would be good right now."
—Rossi, following Tai's advice to Dom on how to examine his life

Shortly after the Battle of Ephyra, Rossi began to help Lt.Anya Stroud requalify to carry a sidearm.[5] Rossi was also given command of Bravo Squad following Marcus' discharge and imprisonment in the Jacinto Maximum Security Prison for deserting his post and attempting to save his father during the battle. Two years later, Rossi was patrolling Jacinto City with Pvt.Tai Kaliso in a Packhorse when they spotted Pvt.Dominic Santiago walking along the side of the highway. Rossi had Tai pull over, and rolled down the passenger window to ask him what he was doing out there and if he wanted a ride. As Dom got into the backseat, he told them he had just visited a lawyer to see what he could do to get Marcus released. Dom informed them that they could not appeal, since Marcus had been officially declared sane when he entered his guilty plea. Rossi was angry at the assessment, and asked Dom what they could do now. Dom responded that he had no idea, and they continued driving in silence, watching restoration efforts by civilians and engineers as they headed back to Wrightman Base. Rossi hoped that they would get a few days of peace before something happened, but word then came over the radio that Reavers were inbound in sectors Kilo and Lambda. As Tai headed for that zone to assist, Rossi grabbed a radio headset to call in their position to control. He listened as Tai offered Dom some advice, telling him that all things were connected, and that he would one day look at his life and see the chain of events that led him to where he was, and would be at peace with hit. As Rossi put down the headset, he gave a little embarrassed laugh at Tai's sincerity, and noted that clarity would be a good thing to have.[6]

Breakout Conspiracy[]

"I'm just pissed off that you didn't ask me if I want in. So, while we're on our way, you can bring me up to speed."
—Rossi to Dom, after he forced Dom to admit he was planning to break Marcus out of jail

By Rise of the next year, Rossi had noticed that Dom was acting secretive and was stopping at every working public phone while on patrol, and guessed that it had to do either with Marcus or his missing wife, Maria. While on patrol, Rossi visited one of his female friends, who gave him some freshly baked bread. When he returned to the Packhorse, he divided the bread with the rest of Bravo, and asked Dom what his problem was. Dom asked what he meant, but Rossi told him that he was a sergeant, and knew instinctually something was wrong, noting that he had spotted him using the phones. Rossi asked if it involved Marcus or Maria, and told him that if a Stranded was holding out information on Maria in exchange for money, he could beat the information out of the guy for him. Dom protested that it was not about that, so Marcus guessed that he was smuggling something into jail for Marcus. As he talked, two Reavers flew by overhead with a Raven chasing them, and an explosion dropped small debris onto the Packhorse's roof. Tai and Pvt.Jace Stratton sat silently as Rossi kept the Packhorse parked, waiting for Dom to answer. Dom admitted that he was trying to break Marcus out, which is why he was hiding it from him, but Rossi told him that he was not going to stop him, and was angry that he had not asked him to help. He asked to be filled in on the details as he began driving, and Dom told him that he had hired a guy to break Marcus out, but they needed a supply truck to make a drop at The Slab to do so, but was unable to get it there since the prison had been cut off. Rossi noted that Marcus would not want to hide after being broken out, and it would be impossible to keep him from fighting. Dom responded that he would worry about that when he need to, and that he just wanted to get him out. Rossi pointed out that Marcus was still refusing phone calls and would have to be kidnapped from The Slab, since he felt that he deserved punishment and would not want anyone to get in trouble for him. Rossi told him that they could ask any pilot to help them with extraction, and they could have come up with a scam to walk Marcus out of there with forged papers that Anya could make. Dom interrupted him, and told him to keep Anya out of it, since she had no idea what Dom, Tai, and Jace had been planning. Rossi told Dom that if his plan did not work, he would come up with another one himself, since The Slab would likely have to be evacuated soon.[7]

Halting the Locust Advance[]

"Bravo to Three-E-E, over. Parry? Dom's made a dirty great hole in Jacinto."
—Rossi contacting Parry after Bravo Squad destroyed a Locust occupied sewer

Rossi then switched the radio net on to end the breakout talk, and Jace asked him how Lt.Donneld Mathieson, who had recently lost both legs in a Locust attack, was doing. Rossi informed him that Mathieson was in physical therapy now, and that Hoffman had promised him a job in the CIC once he recovered. Jace noted that Mathieson could not be kept down, and asked if their mission to collapse a sewer in the East Barricade was still on. Rossi told him it was, and that the Locust had been using it to move between that area and the road, so they needed to blow them out. He parked the Packhorse next to an embankment where sappers from the 3rd Ephyran Engineers were working, and Rossi met with Parry to discuss the mission. Parry informed him that the sewer tunnel was full of manufactured methane from a ruptured gas pipe, and if they started a firefight down there it would blow them all up. Rossi suggested they just lay some charges to take out the sewer tunnel to prevent the Locust from using it, and Parry told him that Hoffman had authorized just that. Rossi told him to clear out his people and ask the utility company to shut down whatever was still working down there, and told Dom to get the charges ready. He also told Jace to pay attention to Dom, since he had never handled explosives before and Dom was commando trained. They lowered themselves into the sewer through a manhole, and Jace and Dom were astounded by the carvings on the sewer walls and pillars that had been made centuries ago. Rossi warned them not to get cultural on him, and noted that they would have a lot of work to do in the future to restore it all. As Dom and Jace began placing the charges, Rossi took Tai ahead to watch out for approaching Locust. After a few minutes, they heard a group a few hundred meters ahead, but had a hard time telling exactly how far they were due to the echoes. Rossi went back to Dom and Jace and told them to place just a few more charges, and that he did not want this to become a suicide mission. After placing four more charges, Rossi ordered the others out of the sewer, and after Tai and Jace climbed up the ladder, Dom told Rossi to go next so he could detonate the charges while he was halfway up the ladder. Rossi warned him not to piss around and climbed up, and gave Dom a countdown to detonator. Once Dom pressed the button, he threw the detonator to Rossi, who caught it and began running to clear the blast zone. Dom ran right behind him, and they just managed to get far enough away before the explosions started to shake the ground and collapse the sewers. They stopped and turned around to watch manhole covers get blasted into the air, and noticed the ground sagging along the sewer line, and then collapsing in on a giant hole. Rossi noted that any Locust in the sewers had to be dead, and contacted Parry to inform him the mission was a success, and that there was a new giant hole in the middle of Jacinto. Parry responded that his made Dom an honorary sapper, and Rossi told Dom that it was time to rinse the shit off their boots off and leave.[8]

West Barricade Campaign[]

A few months later, Hoffman began a campaign to retake the West Barricade from the Locust. Rossi attended a briefing at the House of Sovereigns, where Hoffman laid out the plan to catch the Locust between two groups of COG forces and crush them. When he finished the briefing, Hoffman called out to Rossi and asked him to make sure he did not leave without him. As the rest of the officers and NCOs left, Rossi hung back to wait for Hoffman to join him. After Hoffman finished talking with Chairman Richard Prescott, he came over to Rossi, and the two of them headed to join the rest of the Gears in the assault force.[9] The campaign was a success, with the Locust getting forced out of the West Barricade and access to The Slab being reopened with the retaking of the Andius highway.[10]

Ambush at Sovereigns Boulevard[]

"Delta, you took your frigging time."
—Rossi, when Delta-One shows up several minutes after he called for backup

A year later, Rossi was given commanded of Echo Squad, and Marcus had been busted out of prison by Dom during the Lightmass Offensive and regained his rank of Sergeant. A week after the offensive, Rossi and Echo Squad went on patrol in Jacinto City, where they came under attack on Sovereigns Boulevard by Locust Drones led by a large Boomer. He and his squad took cover in a shopping mall, but were pinned down. They managed to close the shutters leading into the mall, cutting off the Boomer and several Drones, but some Locust managed to get inside. One member of his squad, Pvt.Harrie was killed, and another, Pvt.David, was wounded, and the Boomer began beating on the shutter, attempting to knock it down to let the rest of the Locust in. Rossi called for backup, and when Delta-One, led by Marcus, arrived, Rossi informed Marcus that they were down two squad members and that he had taken his time to get there. Marcus came up with a plan to kill the Boomer, and ordered Rossi to raise the shutters leading into the mall so he and Dom could kill it by dropping on top of it. Rossi was skeptical of Marcus's plan, but Marcus convinced him it would work. Rossi raised the shutters when Marcus told him to, and Marcus and Dom succeeded in killing the Boomer. Rossi and the other Gears finished off the last of the Locust, and Rossi called for a casevac for David. He then carried David outside with the other surviving Gear from his squad to wait for the King Raven, and they then retrieved Harrie's body. Rossi then told Delta that someone needed to find and collect Harries's Lancer, but he was reluctant to leave David's side. Dom volunteered to get it while Rossi stayed with David, which Rossi thanked him for,[11] and after the Raven arrived, Rossi helped bring David on board, and the helicopter took off after Delta returned with Sgt.Bernadette Mataki.[12]

Sinking of Jacinto[]

"Sorry, no joy. But they were the last ones out. No word from Jace, either. Or Mataki."
—Rossi, after Marcus asked him if he had heard from any of the command staff

Five months later, when the Coalition of Ordered Governments began evacuating Jacinto shortly after Operation: Hollow Storm in preparation to sink the city in order to flood the Hollow, Rossi and his squad assisted in the evacuation. After the comms were restored, Rossi was contacted by Cpl.Damon Baird, who passed him on to Marcus. Marcus asked him if he had heard anything from control or any of the rest of the command staff, Rossi told him he had not, but that they had been the last ones out of Wrightman Base. He also told Marcus that he had heard nothing about Cpl.Jace Stratton or Sgt.Bernadette Mataki either, and was sorry that he did not have better news.[13]

Vectes and the Stranded Insurgency[]

Rebuilding on Vectes[]

"Oh look - they've sent Hoffman's big boys to check up on us."
—Rossi, when Delta-One arrived at Pelruan

Several months after the Sinking of Jacinto, the COG relocated to the island of Vectes. Rossi and his squad were stationed in the town of Pelruan, and were rostered to do the day patrol. When Delta arrived in the town as extra reassurance to the citizens, they found Rossi talking with several of the locals outside the town hall. When he spotted them, Rossi came over joked that Hoffman had sent the big boys to check up on him. Pvt.Augustus Cole said that they were there to make the place look pretty, and Rossi told him that while he and his men might not be pretty, they had not let any houses burn down on their watch. Marcus noted that nobody seemed to be rioting over recent developments, and Rossi told him that they were confused about what to riot about: the COG moving in, or the fact that they had invited Gorasni to join them. Dom said that Chairman Richard Prescott should have told them about that in person, but Rossi doubted it would have made any difference, and asked Delta had come down to Pelruan anyway. Marcus told him they were there for reassurance, and Rossi asked if it was for the Pelruan citizens or theirs. Marcus did not know, and sent Delta on patrols around the town.[14] A few weeks later, Rossi and Sgt.Rory Andresen finished outfitting the sergeants mess at Vectes Naval Base and invited all off-duty Gears, including Hoffman, to an opening party. Rossi was joking and laughing along with the rest of the Gears until Marcus interrupted with a report that Stranded had attacked Merris Farm, which quickly killed the mood as most of the Gears rushed to get their gear and responded to the attack.[15]

Battle of Vectes[]

"Rossi here. Where do you want us?"
—Rossi, asking for orders from Lt.Anya Stroud

Several weeks later, the COG had entered into a war with the Stranded Insurgents on the island. Rossi and his squad were on patrol when Lt.Donneld Mathieson contacted him and sent them to assist Lt.Anya Stroud, Sgt.Bernadette Mataki, and Pvt.Samantha Byrne in ambushing several Insurgents that had set up a roadside bomb. Anya directed Rossi into a position to cut off the Stranded's retreat from the north and west.[16] Rossi got his squad into position, but Anya and Bernie were unable to make it to the ambush because their Packhorse was damaged by a roadside bomb.[17] However, the Stranded got away before they could ambush them. Shortly afterwords, the Stranded launched their own ambushes and set off more bombs, one of which killed Andresen, with whom Rossi had built the bar.[18]

Lambent Pandemic[]

"That's what freaks me out more than anything. Grubs- you knew they could think. But these things- they're just animals. Or plants even, like the damn stalks. What's driving them? What do they want? They're not even eating us."
—Rossi, reflecting on the nature of the Lambent

Learning of the Lambent[]

"Sir, is it true? Is it Lambent?"
—Rossi, asking Hoffman if the reports he received from the trawler fleet were correct

Rossi was given command of the Gear detachment in Pelruan, where he later heard from the trawler fleet about the destruction of the Coral Star by Lambent. He met with Col.Victor Hoffman and Anya when they arrived in the town, along with the Mayor, Lewis Gavriel, and his deputy, William Berenz, asking if what the trawler fleet had reported was true. Hoffman confirmed that it was, which horrified Rossi. Hoffman asked him how the Pelruan townspeople were taking the news, and Rossi told him that they confused and scared, and did not really understand what they were. He led Hoffman to where Gavriel and Berenz were waiting with a large crowd, and Rossi watched as Hoffman explained what they knew to the citizens, and was promised more Gears for the towns defense. Anya replaced Rossi as the commander of the town's garrison, in order to comfort the citizens with somebody they knew being in charge.[19]

Battle of the Emerald Spar Platform[]

"Running out of targets. Everyone okay?"
—Rossi, after the first Stalk attacking the platform was destroyed

A few days later, Lambent Stalks carrying Polyps were spotted heading towards the Emerald Spar Imulsion Platform. Rossi was selected by Hoffman to be one of the twenty Gears that went to the platform to defend it from the Lambent.[20] KR-239 managed to destroy the Stalk that attached itself to the platform, and Rossi reported to Marcus that his squad had run out of targets, and asked the other Gears if everyone was okay. However, another Stalk attacked the platform, and poured more Polyps on board.[21] The new wave of Polyps overwhelmed the platform, and Rossi and the rest of the defenders were forced to abandon it. They escaped on an evacuation boat, and the platform was destroyed, exploding and collapsing into the Serano Ocean.[22]

Preparing for Battle[]

"A faraway island's a great idea until somebody finds it, isn't it?"
—Rossi, as the COG waits for the Lambent to attack Vectes

After the battle, Rossi and his squad began fortifying Pelruan, putting up razor wire and digging ditches, as well as setting up an observation post on the towns’ western cliffs. Rossi also helped Anya settle into commanding the town garrison, giving her advice and helping her gain experience commanding.[23] One night, Bernie and Sam arrived in the town, after a Lambent Leviathan was spotted approaching VNB. Rossi was monitoring the radio in the signals office when they arrived and he remarked that hiding on an isolated island seemed like a great plan until somebody found it. Bernie remarked that he should join Cpl.Damon Baird's moral committee. He asked what brought them to Pelruan, and Sam told him they had been banished to the "soft option" along with the rest of the girls. Rossi understood, and told them that no stalks had been spotted yet, and the biggest challenge they were facing was getting the fishermen to pull their boats in and stay inside. Bernie said that since the Lambent might be about and with the Stranded now on the island as "allies", he would probably want them out patrolling. Rossi agreed, and then told her not to be worried about being sent to Pelruan, and if things had been the other way around, she would have sent Col.Victor Hoffman, who she was in a relationship with, down to safety as well.[24]

Battle of Pelruan[]

"Ahh fuck. Lieutenant, we have to sink that leviathan before it lands more polyps."
—Rossi, to Anya after the leviathan destroys KR Three-Three

Soon after, Sam contacted him and reported an Lambent Leviathan releasing Polyps into the area around the harbor. Rossi informed Anya, and they, along with three other Gears and several locals, hurried to assist Sam and Bernie. They fought off the initial wave of Polyps, but KR Three-Three was destroyed by the Leviathan when it shot Polyps at it. Rossi and the others were shocked by this, and he told Anya they needed to find some way to destroy the Leviathan before it landed more Polyps.[25] Since they had time to take a breather, Rossi and Bernie began dividing ammo up between the squads. Anya wondered if they should evacuate the town, but Rossi told her that civilians would not want to leave, but that it could not hurt to ask them. When Rossi learned they were being sent Gorasni troops as reinforcements, he knew that they would not mix well with the local defenders, and told Anya she was going to get a great chance to hone her frontline skills.[26] When one of the Gears in his squad spotted the Lambent Leviathan approaching the harbor, Rossi ordered the Gear to fall back to the town.[27] As the battle progressed, Rossi took several cuts from the exploding Polyps and headed to get an Armadillo onto the battlefield after stopping by the first-aid station. While heading to the Armadillo, he ran into Bernie, who had been getting her Packhorse. He told her that one of his squad, Anton Silber, had been wounded, and that one of the local veterans had stopped the bleeding, but he was likely to lose his leg and needed Dr.Isabel Hayman to take a look at him. Rossi also complimented Bernie on her handling of Cpl.Frederic Benten, a retired Gear who had fallen out of the combat line and refused to fight alongside the Gorasni until Bernie convinced him to go back. Bernie was upset that she had had to threaten Benten, but Rossi reminded her that it was her duty as a Sergeant to have done that.[28] Eventually, KR-239 killed the Leviathan, and the rest of the Polyps were killed. Rossi drove around the town once to make sure it was clear, and then returned to the garrison and drew up duty rosters. He then sent Bernie and Sam off to get some sleep.[29]

Vectes Under Siege[]

"It's a small island until you try to patrol every square meter. Then it's big."
—Rossi, discussing with the others about how hard it would be to track the contaminated areas

Several weeks later, a stalk emerged in the middle of Vectes and released polyps. Delta-One was able to kill by polyps, but the threat of stalks being able to emerge anywhere caused Anya to order Rossi to organize lookouts of the local area. He got several civilian volunteers who knew the land better than his men to help with this.[30] A few days later, Marcus discovered a field of Imulsion near where another stalk had emerged. Rossi joined Anya in going over a map of the area where it had been found, and they were soon joined by Bernie. Rossi was excited by the find, and could not believe Marcus' luck in finding it. Anya was not as pleased as he was, worrying about the nearby stalks and how that would make drilling for the Imulsion difficult. Their discussion was interrupted when KR Eight-Zero flew over the city, and Major Gill Gettner told them they had a situation, and to prepare to transmit recon images to VNB. Rossi remarked that Gettner must be in a hurry, since landing at Pelruan only saved her fifteen or twenty minutes. They saw the Raven land in the middle of town, not at the landing site, and ran through the alleyways to meet the crew. Lt.Nat Barber, Cpl.Damon Baird, and Pvt.Augustus Cole rushed out to meet them, and Barber informed them that a contaminated zone had been discovered twenty klicks from Pelruan, but there were no stalks there causing the contamination. Rossi was depressed by this news, and stayed with Bernie, Cole, and Baird as Anya and Barber went into the signals office to send the information to VNB. Cole said that the entire infected area was dead, and Bernie wondered how they were going to track the contamination if they could not see the stalks. Rossi remarked that they likely would not be able to find all the infected areas, since it would take forever to inspect every meter of the island. Cole said finding the areas would not do any good if they could not stop them, and Anya emerged from the signals office saying that Chairman Richard Prescott wanted them to collect samples from the contaminated area. Bernie remarked that they did not have anybody who could analyze the stuff, and Anya said that Dr.Hayman could look at it. Rossi pointed out that she was not a biologist, but Anya stopped the discussion, saying that they knew what they could not do, so they needed to get to work on what they could do. She ordered Rossi to plot the contaminated zones on a map and work out who needed to get evacuated, while she would take the others to retrieve samples from the dead zone.[31] After Hoffman learned about the contaminated zone, he contacted Rossi, and he filled Hoffman in on what they knew and that Prescott had wanted samples.[32]

Preparing to Evacuate Pelruan[]

"Can't say I blame them. What if they evacuate and the brown stuff doesn't get here?"
—Rossi to Dom, while watching several civilians refuse to evacuate from Pelruan

Several days later, Rossi monitored the progress of the dead zone from a hill outside of Pelruan with Dom. He checked his calculations in his notepad, and told Dom that they could not plan anything on a timetable with the dead zone, since its spread kept speeding up and slowing down. Dom said he was planning for the worst, and so was Hoffman, but Rossi told him that he thought that it would miss the town. Dom remarked that it would still cut the town off from the rest of the island, to which Rossi responded that it was just dead vegetation, not a mountain range. Dom wondered what would happen if the Pelruan citizens did not elect to leave during the COG's voluntary evacuation of the town. Rossi said that the citizens could stay if they wanted to, but knew that the COG could not promise to defend them. They began walking back into town, and Dom asked him who he was seeing in town, since he had that certain look on his face. Rossi told him the math was on his and his squads’ side in Pelruan, since there were a lot more women there, and they liked a man in uniform. Dom told him to be careful of the local men, jokingly reminding him that they knew how to castrate cattle. As they passed by a store, Rossi saw Mrs.Daws, who told him that she had his cheese ready, which was in thanks for fixing her store's generator. Rossi happily accepted the cheese and thanked her, and as they walked away, Dom asked if that had been for "services rendered". Rossi told him about fixing the generator, and said that her husband was too big and ill-tempered to risk trying anything, and that Mrs.Daws was also trying to clear out excess food before evacuating from the town. When they reached site of the town hall, they saw Anya and Marcus talking to several civilians who were refusing to evacuate. Rossi said he could not blame them, since they had no idea if the contamination would even reach the town. Dom said that if it did, they would expect the COG to save them even thought they had been warned, but Rossi pointed out that they never asked the COG to come to Vectes. They heard Marcus telling people that they were not going to force anyone to evacuate yet, and one of the civilians, Miriam, told Marcus that they could not live in tents at VNB. Rossi stopped her, and said that there was plenty of room in VNB for everyone, and that SSgt.Lennard Parry said they could easily dismantle the houses and move them to the base. Miriam asked how long that would take, and if they had enough time to do that, why would they ask them to evacuate. Anya said that they had no idea what the contamination would do next so they were just taking precautions. Miriam said that she would stay put then, and the other civilians agreed with her.[33]

Return to VNB[]

"It's all quiet. Just a couple of glowies overnight. I hope you brought your knitting."
—Rossi, talking with Baird as they handed over patrol of the Vectes Imulsion Field

Later that day, more than twenty stalks emerged near the Edlar Farm, which was just southeast of Pelruan. The polyps they released were defeated, but the fields there were set on fire and smoke was blown into Pelruan. Hoffman made the decision to evacuate Pelruan whether everyone wanted to or not, and Rossi and Anya began organizing the townspeople to be moved. They met with a large crowd of civilians by the towns Pendulum Wars memorial and attempted to keep them calm about the upcoming evacuation. The civilians were complaining about two hours not being long enough to take their possessions. Hoffman arrived with Hayman, and told the townspeople that they needed to be sensible and take only what they needed, since they could come back for more personal possessions later. Hayman asked for anyone who had inhaled smoke to meet her for treatment in the town hall, and Rossi escorted her through the streets to the town hall.[34] After his squad was transferred back to VNB after the evacuation, Rossi went out drinking with Sam and CPO Frank Muller. He drank too much of Pvt.Dizzy Wallin's potato hooch and began asking Sam to give him a tattoo. She put a cross-eyed death's-head tattoo with something embarrassing in the eyes on his arm and put bandages over it. When he took off the bandages the next day, Rossi was horrified by what was there. He talked with Frank, who told him that he had been really drunk and asked Sam to do it, but Rossi was determined to get it fixed before too many people saw it.[35] Several days later, Rossi and Lang were on guard duty at the Vectes Imulsion Field during the night shift, killing a few glowies that got close to the field during the night. In the morning, Rossi and Lang got in their Packhorse and began leaving the field, passing by Baird and Cole as they came in to take the next shift. They stopped and chatted for a moment, and Rossi told him that it was a really boring duty before driving back to VNB.[36] Two days later, Rossi and his squad worked security outside of the Admiralty House after the civilian population learned of recon missions back to the mainland and more Lambent stalks emerged in several different areas of Vectes. He told Cpl.Rivera that the crowd was getting tense and sent him to inform the command staff.[37]

Prescott's Departure[]

"I hope we're not having a whip-round to buy him a going-away present, sir. I didn't even get to sign his card."
—Rossi, joking to Hoffman about Prescott's departure

Two days later, Rossi was eating lunch with Bernie in the sergeant’s mess, showing her the tattoo that Sam had given him, and told her that he really needed to find Sam and get her to fill in the eyes. Bernie told him that he was lucky Sam did not draw a winged dick or something she could not fix. Rossi remarked that she was in a mood today, and asked what was going on. She apologized and said it was man trouble, and when she saw Marcus open the door, she asked Rossi to watch her dog, Mac, for a moment. Rossi looked at the dog, who was sprawled out on the floor, and remarked that he seemed a bit mournful. Bernie told him that she thought he was getting arthritic, and she wanted him to keep Mac occupied so he did not follow her out into the rain.[38] The next day, Rossi and the other NCO's were summoned to a meeting in the bases gymnasium by Hoffman, and they all learned beforehand that Prescott had resigned as Chairman and left Vectes on a ship with his bodyguards. When Hoffman arrived, Rossi took a seat on top of a vaulting horse and joked that he hoped they were not there to have to raise money send a going away present to Prescott, because he had not gotten to sign the going away card. Baird mentioned that Prescott had asked him to join his personal staff, and Rossi said that he must have accepted, explaining why Prescott ran away. Hoffman began speaking, saying that he could clearly see they were all heartbroken over Prescott leaving them and that nothing was going to change, but the emergency evacuation plan was going into effect, but not for the COG to leave, but so that the ships would have room on them to house civilians. Rossi asked who was going to be in command now, and Hoffman told him that he, Captain Quentin Michaelson, and Commander Miran Trescu would all have a vote in what was to be done, but it would be temporary and not turn into a military dictatorship. Trescu joked that those worked more efficiently, causing Rossi and some others to laugh. Rossi asked what they were going to tell the civilians, because patrols were going to be getting a lot of questions from them. Hoffman told him he would do a radio broadcast in a couple of hours to tell them about Prescott, and to prepare for a lot of confusion and grief, since Prescott had been popular with them. He then dismissed them, and Rossi headed out with the others to return to their duties.[39]

Collapse of the COG[]

Preparing to Leave Vectes[]

Three months later, the Lambent attacks and incursions worsened, and the command staff began making preparations to evacuate Vectes and spread out into eight onshore coastal communities and two inland ones. However, this solution would effectively end the COG as a government, but Hoffman saw no other way to keep them all alive, and all of the groups would be able to stay in radio contact. Rossi flew aboard KR Eight-Zero to the fortress of Anvil Gate in Kashkur in order to scout it out for potential habitation. After landing, he scouted the fort and found it to be deserted, and that the nearby river was flowing into the underwater cisterns, which would provide the fort with power and water. Rossi got back aboard KR Eight-Zero and they began flying back to the CNV Fort Andius and transmitted their report to Hoffman.[40] One week later, Lambent stalks emerged within New Jacinto itself and began unleashing polyps and other mutated Lambent creatures. Rossi joined up with Anya and Cpl.Jace Stratton to defend an intersection alongside a Armadillo and several armed civilians. They were eventually reinforced by nearly every Gear on base when the Lambent were forced into that one area, and they wiped them out to the last.[41] A few days later, Rossi talked with Bernie in the sergeants' mess about perspectives, and told him about how Hoffman viewed Professor Adam Fenix as an arrogant scientist who should have stayed out of military matter, while her former CO Major Helena Stroud thought Adam had been as hard-assed as any Gear she had ever served with. Bernie also pointed out how he had been responsible for ending the Pendulum Wars with the Hammer of Dawn, and without him the war with the Indies would never have ended.[42]

Arriving at Anvil Gate[]

"Still all clear, sir. Check-in time."
—Rossi, welcoming Hoffman to Anvil Gate

When the time came to choose where you wanted to go during the evacuation, Rossi and all of his squad volunteered to go to Anvil Gate, where the citizens from Pelruan would be moved to with Hoffman and Bernie in command. Rossi and his men had grown close to the civilians, with several of them having girlfriends among them, so they did not want to become separated from them.[43] When the evacuation began, the Gears and civilians heading for Anvil Gate formed a convoy at Port Caval on the Tyran coast, and Rossi took a Rat bike ahead of the convoy alongside Ormond, a engineer, to get to Anvil Gate early and get it ready for the rest of the convoy to arrive. Four days later, the convoy arrived at Anvil Gate, and Rossi and Ormond opened the massive forts doors for them. Rossi greeted Hoffman at the head of the convoy, and told him that the fort was still all clear. Hoffman thanked him, and then brought Lewis Gavriel to the front of the convoy and turned command of the fort over to him, saying that the Gears would serve at the will of the elected government. Rossi and the others were surprised, but Hoffman convinced Gavriel it was for the best and let him enter the city first. Hoffman then ordered the convoy to head inside, but not to take the peaceful and quiet forest around them for granted, because the Stranded at Corren had claimed there were crazy people up in the mountains around Anvil Gate. Rossi grinned as he entered the town, telling Hoffman that that would be them from now on.[44] Three days later, five trucks were spotted approaching the fort, and Rossi and the other Gears took up defensive positions along the walls. However, it turned out to be Hoffman and Bernie's former comrade Pvt.Padrick Salton leading a group of Pesangas, who joined them in the fort.[45]

Rossi firing a turret at the Stranded.

Dealing with Stranded[]

"Some bastard shot at us. The neighbourhood's going downhill."
—Rossi informing Bernie about being attacked while driving back to the base

Around six months later, Rossi went out as part of a convoy to trade with a group of friendly Stranded. As they crossed the border of Vasgar back into Kashkur, Rossi manned a machine gun on the back of a truck while Pvt.Dizzy Wallin drove. Dizzy remarked that spring was coming soon, and that Bernie had told him that he could brew wine from birch sap around this time of the year. Rossi joked that Dizzy was going upmarket now, but Dizzy laughed and said he would just distill it, not drink it. The convoy then came under attack, and Rossi ordered the other vehicles to get clear while he covered them. He opened fire on the mountain ridge where the attack came from, and the convoy soon exited the range of fire. Rossi remarked that it was the first time they had come under fire there, and asked Dizzy if there had been any trouble before. He told Rossi that Pad had pissed off some Stranded who tried to hold them up, and when they returned to the fort, Rossi told Bernie about the incident. Hoffman arrived with Pad, and it was decided that Rossi, Bernie, and Pad would head out that night to find the Stranded using Mac and deal with them.

Rossi telling Pad and Berni to turn off their lights so they can approach the stranded camp without being noticed.

Searching the Kashkur Hills[]

"This is a friendly warning guys. We could put you out of your misery any time. So just stay out of our faces, okay?"
—Rossi, to the three Stranded he, Bernie, and Pad captured

They drove a Packhorse out to the Kashkur Foothills near where they had been ambushed, and Rossi told the others to darken their armors lights so they would not be spotted. Mac led them to a tent, and Bernie warned them not to kill the Stranded, just frighten them. Rossi called her a spoilsport, and noted that the tent was small, so there could not be more than four of them in there. When one Stranded came out to investigate the noise they were making, Mac ambushed him and knocked him to the ground, allowing Rossi and Pad to enter the tent and capture the two other Stranded in the camp. As they led them outside, Rossi told them that this was just a friendly warning, and that if they kept away from them they could live. The Stranded told him they would not leave them alone since they had killed three other members of their group, surprising Rossi, who told them that they had not killed anyone. The Stranded told him they found their bodies riddled with Lancer rounds after the ice thawed, and spit into Rossi's face. Mac then smelled something nearby, and Bernie and Pad left to investigate while Rossi guarded the Stranded. When he heard gunfire, Rossi told the Stranded to get lost and ran to help the others. He found them near an Emergence Hole with several dead Drones on the ground. He asked where they had come from, but they had no idea, and the three of them returned to the Packhorse to get back in radio range of the fort to inform Hoffman.[46]

Rossi joking around with Dizzy about his distilling business.

Personality and Traits[]

"Mataki did the catering guys. Those things on the cocktail sticks are not meatballs, okay?"
—Rossi, joking during the opening of the sergeants mess at Vectes Naval Base

Rossi was constantly making jokes, even in life-threating situations.[47] However, he could be very serious and subdued, as shown when David was wounded.[48] Rossi expected a lot from his senior officers, even when they were inexperienced like Anya Stroud.[49] Rossi, like many Gears, took comfort in griping about the situations he faced.[50] Rossi was also something of a ladies man, having several relationships in Pelruan, where he and his squad quickly settled in and got to know the citizens there.[51] If pushed Rossi could become very agitated, as seen when he, Pad and Bernie went to check on a stranded camp that was located near the fort. When Rossi confronted one of the very uncooperative stranded the man insulted him then spat in his face, infuriating Rossi.[52]


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